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Now officially: Venice Film Festival 2023 will be open from ApplicantsNew film Luca Guadagnino the world premiere of which will take place right in the Lido. In fact, a special out-of-competition screening is scheduled at the Sala Grande at the Palazzo del Cinema. next August 30to open the 80th edition of the festival. The absolute protagonist of the film is Zendaya, who will play Tashi Duncan, a terrific tennis player who is now a coach but also a force of nature on and off the court. I have to train my husband Art (Mike Faistseen in West Side Story), a tennis player himself, but suffering from an endless losing streak, Tasha will have to face her past when Patrick (Josh O’Connoryoung king Charles Crown), her ex-boyfriend and Art’s best friend ambiguous triangle.

I am very glad that the public will see Applicants at the next film festival. This is a modern and bold story about youthful energy, love and strength“, said the director: “Zendaya, Josh and Mike are completely fresh and original, bringing a new energy you’ve never seen before.“. Guadagnino was also at the Lido for the last edition of the film Bones and all, starring Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell, which won him the Silver Lion for Best Director. But it is, after all, regulars of the exhibitionintroducing us to several films over the years such as Main characters I love, big splash AND Suspiriabut also special projects such as Bertolucci on Bertolucci AND Salvatore: shoemaker of dreams.

This is a particularly stressful period for a director who has achieved absolute success in a worldwide cult following. call me by your name: immediately after launch ApplicantsGuadagnino will devote himself queerfilm set in 1940s Mexico based on the book Queer/Diversity by William Burroughs featuring Daniel Craig; Among other projects there is a remake Face with a scar and new version Lord of the flies adapted by writer Patrick Ness, although officially he will also be busy on biopic about the life of Audrey Hepburn, played by Rooney Mara, for Apple TV+. Nowadays it has also become news that after experience with We are who we areLuca Guadagnino will return to the series, directing several episodes shardsnew Hbo series based on the book of the same name Bret Easton Ellisacclaimed author of “American Psycho”.


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