Luca Guadagnino guest at Tuscia Film Fest 2023

Luca Guadagnino.  Tuscia Film Festival 2023
Luca Guadagnino. Tuscia Film Festival 2023

It ended yesterday 20th edition of Tuscia Film Festival With very special event: it was shown in the Sacred Forest of Bomarzo (also known as Monster Park) Bones and all Luca Guadagnino. The present director presented the film and answered questions from the audience.

Monsters in the night of flesh and stone

Magical and frightening meeting, quiet night dialogue.. The location of the Sacred Forest of Bomarzo was the perfect location for the final event of the Tusia Film Festival. On the picturesque lawn in front of the temple, surrounded by sculptures, works of art, history and chimerical forms, many spectators attended the show Bones and allpresented in competition at the last Venice International Film Festival, where it was awarded Silver lion for best director and Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best New Actress Taylor Russell.

For those who have already seen it, perhaps it was like a first time, for those who did not know it, viewing it in such a unique context was an unrepeatable experience. Watchful eyes soaked up the love between Maren AND Lee (Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet), a journey of two to places where few people meet, a drama of feelings of loneliness, another, misunderstood, doomed to the life of monsters.

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Not a horror movie but a love story

Luca Guadagnino wants to clarify more than just the horror genre. Bones and all he was more inspired by road movies and the romantic genre. very different from Suspiriafor example, in what no doubt “populates” a well-coded genre, the references here are different, and the fact that the two young protagonists are cannibals does not define them as human.

Before last night’s incredulous audience, the director announced that he shot the film in about forty days, applying a method that characterizes all his work and that cuts down on the set, but not on the next, the editing stage and what goes into it. post-production before the theatrical release, to which Guadagnino likes to dedicate himself. For example, only for Suspiria There were about fifty shooting days, and editing took a year.

Guadagnino also said that he is convinced that writing a film, developed by authors he trusts and respects, is the ideal basis for the freedom to pursue what is “writing a film”, his vision.

Looking forward to your next feature film. Applicantswhich we will see in cinemas in 2024, and another work in which Guadagnino was quite mysterious, Bones and all predicted on Bomarzo’s night, sparked new proposalsgiving a worthy end to an event that every year discovers places full of charm and introduces them to the cinema of great directors.

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