Luis Miguel to be hospitalized in Chile with health issues; here’s what happened to ‘The Sun’

After many years away from the stage, Luis Miguel is immersed in a tour that attracts followers all over the world. However, After the speech in Argentinafamous singer Is hospitalised An emergency due to his health problems that have been present for several days.

This was revealed by Chilean journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez, who reported on the iconic translation of “La incondicional” Must be admitted to a Chilean health facilitywhere he continued his scheduled concerts.

What happened to Luis Miguel?

Despite leading a healthy lifestyle, Luis Miguel is a victim of severe flu This bothered him for a long time and required specialized medical attention.

In their speeches, some Fans notice issues in artist’s voice, but they don’t realize how serious their viral status is. Despite the circumstances, Luis Miguel gave his best in every performance.

The health of Luis Miguel has attracted the attention of fans, especially in relation to the dates of his scheduled tour in different countries of Latin America. However, Cecilia Gutierrez confirmed, The singer is out of the woods and no major cancellations are expected.

Despite the fever and malaise symptoms associated with influenza, Luis Miguel chooses to keep agenda unchanged Instead of modifying it to fully restore.

The “Luismi” team is silent

So far, the famous singer and his working team no public statement yet about health status. Luis Miguel is currently receiving specialist treatment at a hospital in eastern Chile, according to journalists.

Despite the setback to his health, Luis Miguel remains a figure that delights his followers At each show, despite any health challenges he may face, he remains committed to his music and his audience.

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