Luis Miguel will be taken to ER with flu

Luis Miguel He broke all records with his presentation in Argentina and now he will face a series of 10 shows in Chile, just as he has done in our country. However, a Chilean journalist reported that the artist had been rushed to a doctor to check his health.

Luis Miguel to be rushed to medical emergency

After Luismi arrived in Argentina, he was disturbed by all the comments about his physical condition and fitness, as many users pointed out that he looked old after spending so much time on stage. However the singer had no problems with his performance at the Movistar Arena.

But according to Cecilia Gutiérrez, a Chilean entertainment journalist, Puerto Ricans may be rushed to a well-known clinic in a neighboring country with viral flu. “The singer may go to the emergency room of an Eastland clinic because he has a photo of the flu,’ he said on his Instagram account.

Luis Miguel
News about Luis Miguel worries Chile

As he and his team usually do, the Chilean portal handles very little information because it offers little exposure outside of the show. The artist arrived in the neighboring country with great caution, little knowing that he had arrived at dawn on 19 August, and therefore not knowing the current status of his supposed flu condition.

The news has fans concerned as their show kicks off tonight in Santiago, Chile. As in Argentina, his team had a schedule of more than 10 shows running until early September.

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel’s Chile tour starts today

This morning, the journalist spoke through her social networks to calm the situation and dispel doubts about the possible suspension of the concert. “Just in case, the sun is good. It’s a frenetic state, but that doesn’t mean he’s changed his concerts.Does the temperature change?‘, he explained.

as far as the team is concerned Luis Miguel He did not rule on the matter, and they maintained the uncertainty characteristic of artists. The return of the Puerto Rican is driving all the Latin American fans who missed his art tour crazy.

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