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Luxurious apartment in Brussels with a 70s aesthetic where steel is the protagonist.

What always surprises us in the Belgians? There is no doubt that they love to experiment and take risks. Unexpected materials in unpredictable places, unusual combinations, shapes that break the rules of what “should be”. This apartment in a wooded area of ​​Brussels is a breath of fresh air among the usual urban interior design proposals. An ode to François Catrou’s super-luxe aesthetic and the best of the 60s and 70s, which we tell you are back in style.

But let’s go in order. Arnoux de Sutter is a Belgian architect accustomed to working with creative professionals, from gallery owners to stylists, with a cultural background and sophisticated aesthetic references. “They usually have a clear idea of ​​where they want to go. I am translating this concept into a project that further strengthens the idea.”he claims.

The beautiful texture of the dark wood of the kitchen cabinets blends seamlessly with the steel of the sculpted island and the paneled wall in the living room.PIET ALBERT GOETHALS

When De Sutter first entered this house, the attic modernist building built in the 1950s R. Degeneffe and J. Thomas, saw space with an atypical, triangular plant. The building is located at the end of the street on the corner. An aspect that was not taken into account in the planning, resulting in rooms of unimaginable dimensions, too large or too small, and that a large amount of space was not used properly. Add to this that today’s lifestyle has nothing to do with that time. For all these reasons it was decided to remove all partitions and create a new layout from scratch, in agreement with the hostess.

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Accustomed to constantly travel, stylist and fashion designer Laura Pret he was looking for a place where he could relax with his dog Tio and host friends. He wanted a house with open, flowing spaces. “so that during dinner, guests can start with an aperitif around the kitchen island, then move to the dining room and end the conversation on a sofa that the client designed herself”, explains De Sutter. To this end, the master bedroom has been converted into a new kitchen and the old kitchen has been converted into a guest room where original Cubex cabinets“which now form the head of the bed as a welcome reminder of the past,” he adds.

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