Macri already at the Bridge World Cup

The former president competes in Morocco.

MACRI represented the country in the Bridge World Cup. Photo Twitter, @zenozain_carlos

former president Mauricio Macri Participate again in the Bridge World Cup in Morocco from August 20th to September 2nd. The former president already participated in the World Cup last year. At the time, Macri was unable to participate in the final game of the tournament due to minor discomfort. After his absence, the Argentine national team lost to Sweden and was eliminated.

How Macri will fare at the 2022 World Cup

Then-president Mauricio Macri had to leave the Argentine national team at the Bridge World Cup due to minor illness. After his retirement, a replacement was appointed. Argentina eventually lost to Sweden, which eliminated them in the knockout stage.

Five days after his debut, Macri had to leave the team temporarily due to mild conjunctivitis. Faced with the situation, Carlos Lucena and Walter Fornasari took their place, joining Hector Camberos, Marco Bertani and Debra Hyatt against Sweden Team.

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