Protest flags in two regional state administrations for the extension of the employment contract

In connection with the national strike on September 27, a state of unrest was declared in Grone della Snia and Attanasio di Limbiate.

Flags in front of the Brianza Nursing Homes operated by the Gheron Group, Groane alla Snia in Cesano Maderno and Attanasio in Limbiate.

Protest flags in two regional state administrations for the extension of the employment contract

CGIL Monza and Brianza presented them in connection with the national strike on September 27 for a contract extension. Even two private structures are actually affected by the state of the national agitation of working men and women: more than a hundred people are involved in it. Attempted reconciliation over the extension of the national collective bargaining agreement of Aiop South Africa, Fp Cgil, Cisl Fp and Uil Fpl ended with a report of no agreement and a national strike on 27 September.

Target? Sign a joint contract with Aris Ayop Rsa.

“The mandatory reconciliation attempt on July 18 unfortunately ended with a message of dissent. Therefore, we have declared a nationwide strike of personnel who work in structures applying the Aiop RSA National Collective Labor Agreement on September 27,” Fp Cgil, Cisl Fp and Uil Fpl said in a joint note.

“The Aiop Employers Association immediately stated that it is not required to sign a contract with Aris (Religious Association of Social and Health Institutions) nor is it required to sign it with CGIL, CISL and UIL, and that the basic contract for Aiop is that which was signed with the General Union , with which he has already begun negotiations, continues the joint note of the three trade unions. – We stressed that this declaration was in stark contrast to what was defined at the signing of the Private Healthcare Collective Agreement, which committed itself to a single and common process for opening contract negotiations, but which, in doing so, ignored the tasks undertaken jointly by their president along with President Aris and three General Secretaries Fp Cgil, Cisl Fp and Uil Fpl. Although Minister Squillaci told the trade unions during a meeting on July 4 last year that he had drawn the attention of the employers’ associations to a positive resolution of the contract dispute, Ayop decides to bring about a turning point in the recomposition process.


The goal is to obtain a guarantee of compliance with the obligations assumed and to start negotiations to determine a joint Aris Aiop contract for the South African sector.

“This is a battle that we started long ago with the workers to win the contract with Aris Aiop RSA. That is why we must continue our journey without fear: to defend the legitimate right of male and female workers to full recognition of their professionalism through a contract that recognizes dignity, rights and wages.

mobilization initiatives

In addition to the strike, the unions decided to come up with mobilization initiatives, starting with “marking the structures”. Explains Matthew Villarepresentative of the public organization CGIL of Monza and Brianza, which has more than fifty members in Rsa di Cesano:

“The Aiop RSA National Contract has not been renewed for more than a decade and has a clearly lower pay table than other national collective agreements applied in the sector. We at CGIL Monza and Brianza, thanks to the dedication, skills and participation of the delegates, worked to adjust the wages of the workers of the Attanasio and Groan structures and signed a union agreement that provides for a gross monthly increase of 140 euros in the payroll. But obviously this improvement is not enough if the contract with Aiop remains solid.”

“The contract has not been renewed for more than ten years,” he says. Richard Carbajal for Cisl Monza and Brianza, it is a disgrace to the workers. The call for unrest was the only thing the unions could do.”

(cover photo Matteo Villa and Richard Carbajal)

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