Madame Web, revealed the role of Sydney Sweeney in the film? But the news will confuse Marvel fans

News comes from Spider-Verse: while the MCU continues its run and the DCU is about to start its revolution, the third major pole of cinecomics is ready to land in theaters in the near future with several films, including Madame Web. Many details have already been revealed about this project, including part of the cast that will bring it to the big screen.

Among the female protagonists of the film there will also be Sydney Sweeney, star on the launch pad thanks to the Euphoria series and now ready for her debut in the world of cinecomics. According to a new report shared by insider Jeff Sneider via The Directhas now also been clarified as which character: it is revealed that Sweeney is expected to play Julia Carpenter aka Spider-Woman.

The news could confuse some fans, especially those who have followed the flow of rumors and news from the set: in fact, in recent months it was leaked that this part should have been of the protagonist Dakota Johnsonone young version of Madame Web. It had been assumed so mainly because of the controversy surrounding the character: the first leader of the Spider Women, Cassandra Webbis an elderly woman with myasthenia graviswhich is why Johnson’s casting was therefore accused of skill and it was thought that she might not play that version to escape the controversy.

However, apparently that hypothesis may have turned out to be incorrect: to play Julia Carpenter would be Sydney Sweeney, with Emma Roberts “promise” to the part of Jessica Drew according to the rumors. Carpenter’s first debut dates back to 1984, she was the second superhero to impersonate Spider-Woman and, later, assumed the identity of Arachne and then of Madame Web.

In the cast, together with the three already mentioned, there will also be Isabel Merced And Adam Scott. In recent weeks, fans had also speculated on the presence of Peter Parker, but from the on-set shots he looked more like Wolverine than the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Directed by Madame Web is there SJ Clarksonwhile the screenplay is signed by Matt Sazama And Burk Sharpless. The film is expected in theaters for February 2024.

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Photo: MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images – Marvel Comics

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