Madame Web: Sony is waiting for the release due to delays with other games

Madame Web

There Madame Web release date for a Marvel movie featuring Dakota Johnson from Sony was a little expected in the release calendar. The Hollywood Reporter detailed the various delays announced by Sony, as well as a slight release date change. Madame Web. The Spider-Man solo film has been pushed back two days from February 16, 2024 to February 14, 2024.

Madame Web Sony leads Dakota Johnson as the title character of Spider-Man. Together with Johnson Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria), Celeste O’Connor (Ghostbusters: Afterlife) Isabella Merced (Transformers: The Last Knight) ed. Emma Roberts (“American Horror Story”) with the Golden Globe nominee Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps (Upshaw) e Adam Scott (Gap).

Madame Web is one of many films in development while the studio creates the Sony Universe of Marvel characters. Sony, which owns the film rights to Spider-Man and other related characters, has already distributed Venom (2018) e Venom: Rage of Carnage (2020) and film with Jared Leto, morbius, will be released in April. Sony also has Kraven the Hunter in the works with the star. Aaron Taylor Johnson.

Madame Web Directed by S. J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones) from a screenplay written by Morbius writers Matt Sazama and Burke Sharpless. Created by writer Denny O’Neill and artist John Romita, Jr. in 1980, Madame Web is a blind psychic who has become a major protagonist in the world of Spider-Man thanks to her connections to the Great Web, a multiverse construct that ties all of the Spider-Man characters together in multiverse. As part of Madame Web have been confirmed Dakota JohnsonSydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, Emma Roberts, Celeste O’Connor, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, Zosia Mamet and Adam Scott.

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