Magical stories on Porretta street are a fairy tale

The “Porretta nelle favole” returns this afternoon in Alto Reno Terme, a storytelling festival enriched with music and performances. As usual, this sixth edition also includes a walk to the village of Le Croci in Capugnano. Under the guidance of Michela Marchacci, the children are invited to walk a path of about 5 kilometers, and then have dinner in the village, where at 21:15 there will be an evening show “Le Fiabole” with the participation of Matteo Belli, accompanied by music. Stefano and Adele Delvecchio. At the end, you can return at night. In case of bad weather, the walk is canceled and the performance will be staged at the Testoni Theater in Porretta.

Tomorrow, however, the initiative will move to the cemetery of Santa Maria Maddalena, where at 18:00, 20:30 and 21:30 there will be an immersive route “Archipelago” curated by the Teatro Tela Angelo Facchetti and Francesca Francesca. Through a series of games of light, young participants will find themselves immersed in the archipelago, where they will be both protagonists and spectators. On Sunday afternoon the grand finale in Biaggioni with three shows in a row. At 18:00 Matteo Belli’s “Beware of the Wolf” will be played, and at 19:30 it will be the turn of “L’oracolo bandito” by Matteo Curatella. At 21, the last performance of this sixth edition will begin, this is “Le storia del matto” by Matteo Curatella.

Some initiatives require reservations and by visiting the Facebook page “Porretta nelle favole” you can get more information about each show and possibly find out who to contact to participate. All performances are free and are held under the patronage of the municipality of Alto Reno Terme and the capital city of Bologna.

Massimo Selleri

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