Aqua is back on the charts

Bye Barbie wins the opening weekend in theaters for a film directed by a woman that grossed $377 million, even its soundtrack tops the Spotify Global chart.

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From Dua Lipa To Sam Smithfrom Lizzo To Billie Eilish and Ryan Gosling there is certainly a group that, more than others, is reaping the tail of the film’s success, rediscovering a new light with a song that most closely resembles the famous doll and that has been the cause of trademark controversy with Mattel for years. (a lawsuit later won by the record company as the song was considered a parody rather than trademarking). With the film, the controversy finally faded away and Aquaa Danish group consisting of Bene Nystrom, RenĂ© Dif and Soren Sasted, who released the famous song in 1997 barbie girllater included on their debut album Aquarium, returns to brilliance in all world rankings. The song is written Soren Rasted, RenĂ© Dif Claude rested (in the group until 2016)was one of the summer phrases of that year and returns again, 26 years later, in a new version, sung Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice. 5.4 million streams in one day and a refrain that will remain in the memory of new generations.

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