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Every self-respecting love story has one soundtrack which captures bright moments: the first meeting, the first kiss, the first joint vacation, and so on. For this reason, the wedding ceremony also needs suitable songs that mark moments. Music will be great also the protagonist of cutting the cake at the wedding.

Among the songs that will be included in the playlist that will be played on the wedding day, you must select song list even at such an important moment as cutting the cake. Let’s see how to choose songs based on songs that have made a couple’s history or, more generally, based on Italian or foreign musical culture. For those moments that deserve to be remembered even with an audio track. Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is necessary to make a brief digression about what songs are usually played at a wedding and, secondly, about what the cutting of the cake symbolizes.

What songs are played at the wedding

The songs that will be played at the wedding will be choicenaturally, spouses who will crown their dream of love on that day. They will be the ones to choose it too musical style this should be tailored to the type of event and the mood you want to give the whole reception. In some moments the songs could be more classical and solemn, in others – romantic, in others – even more danceable due to the unique setting.

To simplify the task, the wedding event can be presented as a movie, to which you can connect the soundtrack. The purpose of music is to help images be told to the fullest. Music will pave the way throughout the event, tying every zest.

Moments of the wedding musical accompaniment required for the church: the entrance of the bride, who passes through the nave (whether it be a church, a hall of the municipality, or a place chosen for the celebration of a civil ceremony), an offering, communion, an exit as husband and wife. For the event: arrival of the bride and groom, aperitif, reception itself, first dance, entertainment, cake cutting and after-party with a possible disco moment.

What does cutting the cake mean?

A wedding cake is a dessert to which many traditions and symbols are associated. For example, in ancient times, a ring was hidden in a dessert. Whoever finds it in their slice will be the next one to get married. Instead, it will be necessary to turn to ancient Rome to discover another tradition: crumbling a piece of cake on the heads of spouses to propitiate fertility. In England, spouses still have the habit of leaving the first piece of wedding cake in the freezer.

What does cutting the cake symbolize? It is believed that the wedding cake must be made of round. This is because perfection is embodied in the circle, but the circle also serves to awaken divine protection. Another feature of the dessert is that it must be supported by an apron, which is a ladder that the newlyweds will have to climb together in their lives. The preferred color should be white, a symbol of purity.

Cutting the wedding cake the groom will have to take a knifeor first, when the bride puts her hand on her husband’s hand, supporting his gesture. The first piece was to be offered by the woman to her partner, then to his mother, his mother, his father-in-law, his father, and the wedding witnesses. It was a highly symbolic gesture, which meant that the bride became the mistress of the family, which had just been formed as a result of marriage.

Musical accompaniment is essential and should also treat guests to a tasting at least a small piece of the pie to wish the couple prosperity and good luck. In addition, music should also excite and emphasize the importance of a symbolic moment: the verse that marks the end of the party, for a couple who have just started a family, means that a new life is about to begin for them.

There will also be cake cutting. a moment that photographers and guests rush to capture and, perhaps, share not only in the form of a photo, but also a video. In addition to the beauty of the dessert, music will play an important role.

After cutting the cake, you can choose whether to continue the party or start the last part of the fun. Example? Fireworks to mark the end of the event.

What music to play when cutting the cake

After exchanging vows and finishing off the main dishes of the banquet, the toasts were wasted, but it was time for the real party to begin. How to start the dance (or dismiss the guests)? Serve dessert of which the undisputed protagonist is the wedding cake!

There are many time-tested cake-cutting songs. Simply put, one could choose any song with the words “sweet”, “sugar” or “cake” in the title. However, no one wants to be banal at their wedding.

Probably, when the newlyweds are ready to cut the cake, there will be a pleasant atmosphere around them with guests who have settled down and walked around, and the wine has spilled into the glasses. If mood who chose to party playful, fun and full of celebration, the song they might choose to cut the cake could be fun, but at the same time with that pinch of romanticism that wouldn’t hurt. Among the classic joke melodies stands out Love and marriage Frank Sinatra, or choose something more modern and straightforward, such as Delicious from Justin Bieber.

Songs for cutting the wedding cake they shouldn’t be too rhythmic. Music should create anticipation. After all, the key moment of the reception has come, at which the most long-awaited dessert will be served. We will think about more powerful rhythms later, if the spouses prudently thought about dancing and discos until late at night. The music should not be too intrusive, as the main characters will be the bride and groom, who will have to cut the cake.

We can say that the perfect soundtrack does not exist, because all couples are different and, as such, has its own flavors. The choice, like any party soundtrack, should not be influenced by outsiders.

Italian music for cutting the cake

Among the favorite songs for cutting the cake, you can choose those that modern Italian translators. Among the favorites stand out: Song for you Vasco Rossi; Have a good trip Cesare Cremonini; The Greatest Show Since Big Ben Giovanotti; Are you in shower Gianna Nannini; Love is a simple thing Tiziano Ferro. Unforgettable and exciting I will leave with you Andrea Bocelli.

Those who base their wedding on tradition or want the music to reflect the location of the event can take advantage of folk music. oh my sun it may be on the list of Italian songs chosen for the cake-cutting.

For a more sophisticated and elegant wedding, you can choose from a variety of classical music composers or performed exclusively on the instrument, even better if they were interpreted by the musicians present at the event. For example, you can take the songs of Giovanni Allevi or Ludovico Einaudi.

foreign music for cutting the cake

Artist Bruno Mars with his marry you, marry you in the top ten, followed by Coldplay with Sky full of stars. It’s not gone Ideal Ed Sheeran and to stay among contemporary artists we can mention All me John Legend. Eternal classicInstead of, over the rainbow in Israel Kamakawivo’ol’s version. Among other great classics of great performers Finally Etta James or your song Elton John.

Where to choose the right music

To help couples who must choose music for their wedding, and in particular for the moment as important as the cutting of the cake, a plethora of technologies are emerging, including streaming platform Spotify. On it you can find playlists created by other users to inspire what will be played at their wedding and by the platform itself. The latter, in fact, made a rating based on the songs that users most often inserted into the wedding theme.

These platforms can help if you’re running out of ideas, but the main advice is to draw on your personal experience. This way, your love story will be told with musical notes in every sense.

If the bride and groom decided to hire a band, a soloist, a DJ, they could afford to be guided by these professional figures not only in choosing the main songs that will accompany their event, but also in choosing the musical accompaniment. cake cutting soundtrack.

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