Mango, Salmo tonight, Alan Sorrenti and Planet Funk tomorrow

Arezzo, 8 July 2023 – The Main/Go Music Fest will prepare for one last great day of music. If tonight is the time for Salmo, who is looking forward to the Arezzo leg of his tour, then tomorrow, Sunday 9 July 2023 – For the last day of the festival – Expected Lil Kavenecki, Alan Sorrenti and Planet Funk on stage.

Alan Sorrenti’s show is played entirely live and includes a diverse and original lineup, playing the greatest hits of the stellar disco-funk period alongside pearls of the remote prog past and more recent past oriented towards electronics, as well as selections connects with. Songs from the very successful latest album “Oltre la Zona Secura”, released last October on Ala Bianca and produced by CERI, one of the most successful producers of contemporary music.

Alan Sorrenti will perform in full band formation with his extraordinary band Exotica: a 7-piece band that will accompany him on this cosmic journey, made up of some of the hottest musicians on the current indie scene: Bruno Bellissimo (Fra Quintel) bass, Bonito Bellissimo (Fra Quintale, Francesca Michelini) on drums, Ilaria “BOBA” Ciampolini (POP_X, Emmanuel Casto) on keyboards and vocals, Pietro Santangelo (Nu Genia, PS5, Slivowitz, Fitness Forever) on sax, percussion, piano and vocals, guitar Giuseppe Spinelli (99 poses) and Gaetano Scognamiglio piano, guitar and vocals.

An ambitious project and the son of a one-of-a-kind performance, Miami 2022 celebrated the great master Allen’s return to the stage after a very long silence. A real super band that will shed a new and magical light on the personality of one of the most incredible musicians in the history of Italian music.

It would be an opportunity to take a long cosmic journey into Allen’s music, starting from his prog past to the much prized disco-funk of records like “Figli Delle Stelle” and “NY & L.A.” Electro funk brackets from the early 2000s, with the radio super hits of “Paradiso Beach” and “Kyoko Mon Amour”, to their latest record chapter, the acclaimed “Beyond the Safe Zone”.

An unforgettable opportunity to experience the return of a great artist to the stage on 9th July at Main/Go Music Fest, who continues to offer the public a musically rich and very high level of proposition over a long and respected career. Which in the summer of 2023 he will enchant the Italian public in the most surprising and unexpected ways, together with very high-profile musicians.

Born in 1999 from the merger of two groups, Souled Out and Kama Sutra, Planet Funk made their debut in 2000 with the hit “Chase the Sun”, which reached the top of the charts worldwide and soon became one of the most important bands in the world. became. of the Italian and international electro-dance scene. A number of successful songs such as “Who Said”, “Paraffin” and “Inside All the People” confirmed Planet Funk Collective’s solid career, helping them achieve extraordinary success for more than 20 years. The band is now back with a new single, “The World’s End”, fueling hopes of their comeback.

Released on 6 January and available on radio and all digital platforms, “The World’s End” marks the return of the collective with Neapolitan, Tuscan, Ligurian and international influences, featuring Marco Baroni, Alex Neri, Domenico Canu and Alex Uhlmann. Has sung. for this single. The piece is one of the last works composed by the full formation, so Sergio Della Monica is also present in the composition and production.

The song, full of contamination and influences of dance and electronic music, is just an anticipation of an album where elements of the past mix with the sounds of the present, like a large family reunion where tradition and innovation meet. In fact, the group Planet Funk has always paid special attention to technical and sonic innovation and the entire production phase of their songs. It is no coincidence that the single and the entire album were mixed by mixing engineer Senzo Townshend, who has collaborated with the greatest artists on the international scene such as Ed Sheeran, U2, 30 Seconds to Mars, Passenger and many more. ,

Now the collective is ready to come to Main/Go Music Fest, with new sounds from their great successes and new works.

LIL KVNELI (Alessio Akira Aresu) is a Roman singer-songwriter born in 2001. Thanks to a partnership born on the web with Drast (Marco De Cesaris), he founded the PSICOLOGI duo, the first major project of the Italian SoundCloud scene, of which Alessio represents the most sensitive and introspective side. The generational voice of “Post Millennials”, through their pop rap streams of consciousness they convey the complexity of the world around them with truth and creative intelligence. In their songs they give voice to the social situation and struggles that teenagers and young adults have had to experience in recent years between distant institutions, parents who are difficult to communicate with and traumas brought about by the pandemic such as depression, Social anxiety and loneliness. Following the double EP “2001 + 1002”, released in November 2020, he released his debut album “Millennium Bug”, which peaked at No. 5 on the best-selling records, which was later certified platinum. His second album “Trauma” (certified gold) was released on April 29, 2022, preceded by the successful singles “Sui Muri” and “Fiori”. Since the birth of the duo, Lil Kwanecki and Draste have performed in more than 60 dates (of which only 23 in the 2022 summer tour), passing through the most important Italian festivals and venues such as Rock in Roma, Caroponte (Milan). Sziget Festival of Budapest. After expressing a desire to devote himself to his solo projects, Kavnecki released his debut single, “Solo Come Un Cain”, which was followed by “Domini” (featuring Villabankes).

Their solo debut album, “Crescendo”, is an unexpected and heartfelt musical and cultural tribute to alternative rock in all its facets. Following the Capitoline singer-songwriter’s previous urban/pop experience, “Crescendo” is an album that explores garage rock, King Krule’s darkwave and post-punk, above all New York indie rock Y2K (specifically Interpol and The Strokes) passes through. , Recorded between a 15-day retreat in Rome and Fermo, it is a completely played record, composed almost entirely live and without even using a sampler.

About thirty artists will take turns taking the stage this year with one more day of music: Main/Go Music Fest – unlike previous years – will take place from Tuesday to Sunday. After starting at Parco Il Prato on Tuesday 4 July with Riverso, Villalba, MWRK, Clavaudio and Lovegang 126, on Wednesday 5 it was the turn of Donoya No, Deschema, Le Andrigo, Cola Zio and Rosa Chemical. Full Rock Thursday 6 with Revue, Canale, Federico Dragna, Giancane and The Zen Circus. The Friday 7th weekend begins with the Flame Parade, Coma Kos, Boustel and Motel Connection aftershows. It will continue on Saturday 8th with Brina, Bruchero ni Pascoli, Bassi Maestro Djset, the much anticipated Salmo and Elia Perron’s aftershow for Klang Club. The festivities will kick off on Sunday July 9 with Pandemonium, Piow, Lil Kwenecki, Alan Sorrenti and more. Planet Funk.

On the evenings of 4, 5, 6 and 9 July – as always for the Main/Go Music Festival – there will be free admission. However, presales are open for the evenings of July 7 and 8, so tickets are selling like hot cakes.

After last year’s huge turnout, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this 19th edition of the Main/Go Music Fest. Through music and gathering some of the most important artists of the current music scene in Arezzo, the Main/Go Music Fest has over the years become a fundamental appointment for promotion, in collaboration with institutions, partners and sponsors of the event Is. Cultural tourism, an area still to be discovered in Italy.

Main/Go Music Fest is a project of the Music Association! With the patronage, contribution and organizational collaboration of the Department of Sports and Youth Policies of the Arezzo Municipality, the patronage and contribution of the Tuscany Region, the patronage and contribution of the Regional Council of Tuscany, the Guido di Foundation ‘Arezzo and with the collaboration and support of the Arezzo Intour Foundation Discover Arezzo’s collaboration. The main sponsors of the event are ESTRA, ATAM, KOZEL, MENCHETTI, CMG GERVASI.

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