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world paddle tour with stops in Valencia Valencia Open In which the semi-finals will be played today and the men’s and women’s finals tomorrow.

today morning Ariana Sanchez Fallada and Paula Josemaria Martin Defeated in the first women’s semi-final scheduled, Lucia Saenz Pellegri and Aranzazu Osoro Ulrich 6-4, for 6-1.

Instead, it started a few minutes ago First Men’s Semifinal, Juan Tello-Alejandro Ruiz vs. Franco Stupaczyuk-Martin Di Nino, Eurobet odds see Stupacczuk-De Neno ahead (1.20) of his opponents (4.00).

it will be his turn in the afternoon 2nd Women’s SemifinalRiera/Icardo – Trio/Ortega (with the latter having the advantage in the odds, 1.45 versus 2.50) and second man, Coelho/Tapia – Gallan/Sanj. Coelho/Tapia’s victory is given at 1.10, while that of their opponents at 5.75.

world paddle tour

The professional paddle circuit that conquers the world

one of the main events of paddle calendar And this World Paddle Tour (WPT)A professional circuit that attracts the best players from all corners of the globe.

world paddle tour born in 2005 And it has grown steadily over the years. today it is believed Major Paddle Tournaments in the World, more than 20 international stages are being held in different countries. This circuit provides players with an opportunity to compete at a professional level and earn points for the world rankings.

Stages of the World Paddle Tour They are characterized by a great atmosphere and a high level of play. The best players in the world compete on the field, offering spectators thrilling and exciting matches. Each stage is organized with great care, providing high quality services for players and the public.

World Paddle Tour success Several factors can be attributed. First of all, Paddle is a very sport fun and easy, which can be practiced by people of all ages and all skill levels. In addition, the professional circuit provides a Platform for paddle players from all over the world To show off your skills and compete at the highest level.

Finally, the World Paddle Tour has contributed greatly to paddle rise as a global sport. Through its international stages and the high competition that takes place there, the circuit has made Paddle is accessible to an increasingly large audience, With its unique combination of adrenaline and entertainment, the World Paddle Tour continues to surprise and captivate fans of the sport around the world.

Who has won the most World Paddle Tours?


talking about who has won the most world paddle tourswe cannot fail to mention Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima, This Argentinian-Brazilian pair have dominated the paddle scene in recent years, winning multiple titles and setting a de facto record on the circuit.

Belastguin and Lima formed One of the strongest couples in the history of paddle, His adaptability on the pitch is exceptional, with excellent movement coordination and a keen understanding of game strategies. This made it difficult for opponents to find weaknesses in his strategy.

Fernando Belasteguin is considered One of the best players in the history of paddle, He has won the World Paddle Tour 16 times, setting an all-time record. His aggressive and powerful playing style has made him a formidable opponent for anyone on the opposite side of the net.

On the other hand, Pablo Lima is known for his technical skills and accurate shots. His tennis experience helped him develop great variety of shots in the paddle, making him a very unpredictable player for his opponents.

Besides Belastguin and Lima, there are other players who have achieved great success on the World Paddle Tour. juan martin diazFor example, has won the circuit 13 times Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutierrez He has won multiple editions of the tournament.


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