Marco Mengoni returns to first place in the standings with Materia (Prisma) after five years at Atlantico

Five years after Atlantico Marco Mengoni at the top of the FIMI album charts thanks to Materia (Prisma).

Marco Mengoni (ph Andrea Bianchera)

Marco Mengoni (ph Andrea Bianchera)

Marco Mengoni debuts at the top of the FIMI classification “Materia (Prisma)” among the most listened albums of the week with the third chapter, therefore the last one of the trilogy, which also saw “Materia (Earth)” and “Materia (Pele)”. This third chapter follows important months for the singer from Ronciglione, who during this time won the Sanremo Festival with “Two Lives” and participated in Eurovision for Italy, finishing fourth and improving on the seventh place, ten years earlier. won with “El”. ‘Essencial’ came out with one of the catchphrase songs of this period, namely “Paza Musica” with Elodie. It debuted at the top of the third Materia standings, An additional reason for satisfaction for Mengoni after the two second places of previous albums. It was from “Atlantico”, in fact, in 2018, Mengoni did not finish at the top of the charts, despite the fact that he always defends at his best. used to do.

This new album represents the different shades of present-day Mangoni, hence the choice of Prism as the title., It was not clear, the positive period it came from, to see Mengoni at the top of the charts, was also the first time highly anticipated albums such as “Inocente” by Baby Gang were heard in the week of release. Albums of the World on Spotify in its first weekend of release. Mengoni manages to put his awaited debut and the albums that have dominated for weeks behind him, so to close the podium is “The Courage of Children – Act II” by Giolire, while in fourth place is “Effetto” by Amis Killa. Note”, followed by “Wish to Live” by Angelina Mango, published by LaTarma, who also manages Mangoni herself. The top 10 is rounded out by “Sirio” by Laza, “Innamoreto” by Blanco, two recently released albums such as “Fando Venere” by Mambolosco and the period of the same name by Wax, finalist by Emici, while tenth place Hernia “Io non I’m afraid”.

Mengoni is also the hero with the latest single, or the “crazy music” that sees him on the radio with Elodie, as candidates to fight for that all-summer ranking of catchphrases. An unlikely duet, which quickly gained ratings and radio, where it debuted at number four behind Blanco and Mina, Ed Sheeran and The Colors. The tour in Italy begins shortly after with date zero in Bibione (June 17) before touching the cities of Padua (June 20), Salerno (June 24), Bari (June 28), Bologna (July 1), Turin (July) Will happen. 5), Milan (July 8), until the grand finale on July 15 at the Circus Maximus in Rome.

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