Marcus Jordan wants Michael Jordan to be best man when he marries Larsa Pippen

Marcus Jordan wants Michael Jordan to be the best man at his upcoming wedding to Larsa Pippen.

Appear in Pablo Torre discoveredMarcus said there was a family tradition of serving as best man at his father and brother’s weddings, and he “wanted to keep that tradition alive” when he walked down the aisle.

The couple has not announced when their wedding will take place. It’s not even clear when they got engaged. There was speculation over the summer when Pippen was spotted wearing a ring, but they clarified on an episode of their podcast that they were not engaged.

“I got a hundred phone calls,” she said (via E! News’ Hayley Santaflorentina). “And people were texting us and congratulating us. I was like, ‘I’m so excited!’ But no, we are not engaged. … “But you did give me a promise ring.”

Jordan said on Torre’s show that when people ask when they are getting married, his “go-to statement” is that the wedding is “in the works.”

Michael’s appearance as best man at the wedding would be a bit surprising since he has publicly objected to his son dating the reality TV star. Larsa is also the ex-wife of Michael’s long-time Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen.

Michael and Scottie had a long-running feud, with Pippen calling him a “terrible player” and “terrible playmaker” during an appearance on Stacey King’s show earlier this year give me hot sauce Podcast (h/t die-hard Chicago Bulls fans).

Larsa and Scotty divorced in December 2021 after 24 years of marriage. She started dating Marcus in the summer of 2022.

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