Ranata was hospitalized with pneumonia and he himself called the radio station: “I have to stay here”

they intern Jorge Lanata inside Favaloro Foundation for pneumonia cases. Currently, the reporter is under observation at the hospital. Obviously, The PPT presenter will remain at the clinic until at least Friday and may return to work by Sunday, when his TV show will follow suit.

After getting some preliminary information, it was the reporter himself who finally clarified the whole picture. He communicates with radio colleagues exist Miter Explain why he was hospitalized again.

The 63-year-old journalist said Have pneumonia, and promises that next Sunday he will broadcast his TV show on El Trece, National News (PPT).

The first sentence of his comment To his partner Jessica BossiThe host who replaced him as host was: “I caught you showing off your fortune-telling skills to Margaret because in the morning she said ‘she must have a respiratory problem’ and it turned out I had pneumonia.” via Favaro Ranata of the Luo Foundation. “I have to stay here,” he stressed.

A little over a month ago, between August and September, the PPT presenter was hospitalized at the same clinic with a urinary tract infection, which became increasingly complicated as time went on. After leaving, he returned to radio and television, saying: “Things are complicated, but everything happens eventually. Nothing happens to you until it suddenly happens to you.

At this time, Ranata explained: ¬ęThere are different stages: there are 3 stages. The final stage is the most complex form of septic shock.systemic infection. He continued: “I have a feeling that I have been away for four or five months. “It was a month, but it seemed longer. ”

Apart from, Ranata said the last hospitalization was the “first or second worst” in recent years.. “This is worse than a transplant, this is another type of quilombo,” said the reporter who returned to the hospital more than a month later.

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