Maura Rivera: Shocked by her health

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Maura Rivera She is one of the remembered participants in the “Rojo Fama Contrafama” show, where she was promoted to be part of the show’s stable cast, where she showcased her dancing and singing talents.

over time Maura Rivera She is shaping her own destiny, which leads her to live abroad like so many other Chileans living in Miami. The celebrity continues to live in the United States with Mark González and her children.

Since then, the artist has kept her fans up to date on her life through her Instagram account, where she has amassed over 1.5 million followers who keep up with her latest updates and incredible travel postcards .

Recently, the player’s wife visited the Knicks resort with the entire family. From the beginning to the end of their adventure, they never ceased to marvel at the sights and gastronomy of the place and its exotic cuisine.

Maybe it’s the long days, the excitement of a new family experience sure to be a memory, or maybe the food is the last resort, But something managed to change the famous woman’s health and she had to face a hard reality.

She looks 4 months pregnant with colon, gastritis and painis a pre-“dancing fever” case of abdominal inflammation. However, he solved all the problems through natural methods, and we are talking about essential oils that have been used by many people in their previous medical consultation practice. Maura Rivera No exception.

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