Mike Tyson expressed his opinion that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. Real “heavy” words

A media event related to the world of cinema that attracted attention last year, of course, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. An episode that has entered the history of awards and which has already been followed by apologies, sanctions, accusations and counter-accusations. Amidst this chaos also arose Mike Tyson Heavyweight Opinion.

During an interview with popular Jimmy Kimmel talk show, the former boxer was asked if he had seen the infamous slap and what his opinion was. The famous conductor also remembered the time when Tyson himself left the world speechless. biting Evander Holyfield on the ear in the ring – saying that he was equally shocked by what happened between the two actors.

I don’t know, if he (Will Smith, ed.) he felt it necessary to do so, and if he’s not shocked, then I’m not shocked either. Ihe said, somehow “justifying” his reaction to Chris Rock’s now-infamous joke about his wife’s alopecia. Jada Pinkett Smith. That Mike Tyson, also known as “the baddest man alive,” could sincerely condone this gesture is something many fans might also expect.

History, as we remember, developed further: Will Smith was excluded from the Oscars for the next ten years and has posted numerous videos apologizing to his fans and Chris Rock, who, for his part, spoke out during his Netflix special downfall:

Smith put it into practice selective perturbationbecause everyone knows what the hell happened. Everyone knows I had nothing to do with this shit. I didn’t have a connection. The link for those who don’t know what everyone else already knows is this his wife fucks his son’s friend» – said the comedian and presenter. Words that naturally sparked further controversy.

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