Max Pezzali, Taylor Swift and Vasco

Now all that is missing is Marracac to complete the picture of a sold-out summer, capable of attracting almost one million eight hundred thousand spectators at just three very popular Milanese busy intersections, such as the Meazza Stadium, the San Siro Racecourse and the San Siro Stadium. La Maura. This does not ignore other designated places, such as Carroponte, Magnolia, Castello Sforzesco, as well as the Forum, Arcimboldi or, extending the range of activities to the entire region, Nxt Station in Bergamo, Piazza della Loggia in Brescia, Piazza Sordello and Palazzo Te in Mantua. the Amphitheater Vittoriale in Gardone or the Monza Autodromo, where Springsteen’s 70,000 people marched in late July for his last European show of the year. If Marrageddon, the rap Woodstock conceived and promoted by Marra at Snay La Maura Racecourse on September 23rd, the first day of autumn, closes one season and opens another, then this last remnant of summer still offers high, loud evenings with Coma_Cose (tomorrow) and Raw Alejandro (17th) at Carroponte in Sesto, James Blake on the 18th at Fabrique, Squid on the 19th at Santeria Toscana, Paul Weller on the 20th at Alcatraz, Manu Chao on the 23rd at Next station.

But for major events this is already 2024, given the start of pre-sales for two Max Pezzali concerts at the San Siro stadium on July 1 and 2 and Taylor Swift concerts on the same stage on July 13 and 14. Even if Vasco should become the king of the Meazza, as he himself expected, with seven concerts, probably in June.

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