Mecklenburg to receive all vaccinations when returning to school

CHARLOTTE – Just as we cannot let our guard down in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak in North Carolina, parents must ensure their children are up to date on their vaccinations when they return to school.

That’s what Charlotte hopes to achieve within days of all CMS schools opening on August 28th.

“All students in Mecklenburg County must be up to date on their vaccinations,” authorities urged.

This reminder is especially important for students entering kindergarten, seventh or twelfth grade, and those who are just entering the school system.

where to get vaccinated

You can find vaccines from your primary pediatrician, and a variety of clinics are organized so families can easily meet requirements.

The Mecklenburg County Department of Public Health said they have a vaccination clinic that will be there on Saturday, August 26.

it’s about Northwest Public Health Clinic. Hours of operation are 9am – 3pm The clinic is located at 2845 Beatties Ford Road.

Parents, guardians or caregivers should call to make an appointment: 704-336-6500 .

Note that they must bring your child’s immunization records.

While immunizations are required for all students, students in kindergarten, grade 7 and grade 12 should receive specific immunizations, the health agency added.

Vaccine Type

These are vaccines provided by public health authorities. Some vaccines are free, while others require payment.

  • Childhood immunizations (vaccinations required for daycare and schooling)
  • Teen Vaccines (i.e. HPV, Menactra, Tdap)
  • College Entrance Vaccinations
  • Adult Vaccines (i.e. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Zostavax, Prerabies) Seasonal Influenza Vaccines

Check vaccination requirements here

Without a vaccine, they can’t get in

Public health nursing program manager Megan Renner warned schools would prevent students from attending classes without proper immunizations, so students needed to catch up quickly.

Mecklenburg County Public Health Director Leonard Washington said timely vaccinations “are an important part of returning to school.”

“Students are facing new teachers, new classes, and even a new school. We want all children to be successful without interrupting vaccinations or preventing preventable diseases.”

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