Meda: Too much work, online prescriptions are paid “Patients are not denied rights, one more service”

Dr. Antonio Cardea’s unprecedented proposal, which has 1,700 patients, is sure to spark controversy.

Submitting prescriptions online? Been paying for a few days now. This was decided by the doctor. Antonio Cardea60 years old, with a house in Seregno and a studio in Varedo.

Too much work, online recipes are paid

Since the beginning of August, the general practitioner has introduced a novelty that, as predictably, not all of his 1,700 patients appreciated: a paid service for conveniently receiving medical prescriptions online, on a mobile phone or by e-mail within 24 hours. hours is part of a “package” that, in addition to smart recipes, includes consultations by phone and video call (from 20:30 to 21:30), as well as discounts on a number of specialized services.
According to Dr. Cardea, this decision, which has no precedent, at least in Brianza, was necessary to avoid an excessive workload as a secretary rather than as a trusted doctor.

“I spend ten hours in the clinic every year, including Saturday and Sunday,” the specialist explained. “Keep in mind that a prescription for seven to eight drugs takes six minutes, and I get about a hundred a day. . Either I pay two secretaries, or a patient who needs a doctor sitting at home on the couch can choose this service.”

Dr. Cardea explains that he has increased the clinic’s visiting hours from fifteen to eighteen hours per week, with two days of free access and three by appointment. So whoever needs a prescription can always go to the studio, where it will be processed and delivered to the place.

“Either I write prescriptions online or I visit patients”

“I do this job for fun, but I can’t work 400 hours a month and I don’t have an assistant. Either I prepare prescriptions online or I visit patients: I have 170 appointments per month in my diary, as well as those who come on Mondays and Wednesdays: so that patients have enough time to receive traditional prescriptions. In times of Covid, conditions were different. There are doctors who write smart prescriptions but work in related practices with multiple secretaries. My principle is that the doctor works in the office at the prescribed hours and no rights of patients are infringed. I hope I have been clear and that no one can misunderstand what has been reported. Anyone can visit my Facebook page (“great medicine”, ed.) or come to me. The service is open to everyone and, above all, to people who do not have a general practitioner.”

In short, those who want to be treated like a private patient, with the confidence that a doctor is always available, can opt for this service, which also includes a discount for families.

The doctor himself has thirty years of experience and two specializations in clinical pathology and internal medicine, which is why the service is called excellent medicine. My experience is for the benefit of patients.

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