Santa Cruz bird flu: Watch out for sea lions and bird deaths

increased worry Santa Cruz Coast go through inanimate ghost of native fauna,because Avian InfluenzaThis has been hitting the country for weeks.already Senasa Two flu cases confirmed on Thursday sea ​​lion exist Loyola PointThe decision is not ruled out now closure this protected area.

as far as he knows southern viewexist The Virgin Islands Sea lions have already died, so authorities advise tourists or fishermen not to approach them. “One of the problems is that one day they are in one section of the beach and then in another, for the tide brought them and carried them away’, said a source who is looking into the issue.

Therefore, the animals have not been removed from the beach. Even the outlet has learned that notifications of the presence of dead animals have in some cases come from workers in the region’s oil fields. “must Soon we will have information about possible closures of protected areas or fishermen going to beachesthe same source reported.

Another important question is Senasahe reported will no longer sample, because any bird or marine mammal found dead or dying on shore would be considered to have the flu. Therefore, it is imperative for the authorities who find the carcasses of these animals to make all necessary efforts. Bury mechanically and avoid dragging to avoid the North and Loyola Pointand The Virgin Islandsadded in the last few hours Leon Hillwhere they appear some dead stuffed sea lionsand there birds.

In the past few hours, the people who have raised this issue are directors of the company. Fauna of the Provincial Council of Agriculture (CAP), Amanda conversation LU12 AM680, said last week they were disposing of two dead sea lions in accordance with the protocol established by SENASA. “There have been two positive casesunfortunately we also face the presence of bird fluNow they are awaiting the results of other wolves found under the same conditions, whose samples were sent to the SENASA laboratory from the Caleta Olivia region”, he said.

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