Medical team with Lavinia Valbonesi

Daniel Noboa is one of the most likely to be elected President of the Republic. The National Action for Democracy (ADN) candidate will take power on October 15 with 23.48% of the vote, behind Luisa Gonzalez (Civil Revolution) with 33.5%.The 35-year-old young businessman has been by his side throughout the campaign with his wife, an influential Lavinia Valbonesi. The nutritional expert leads the medical team along with her mother-in-law, Dr. Anabelle Azín, who heads the New Humanity Foundation Crusade.

Ab. Daniel’s father, Álvaro Noboa Pontón, founder of the New Crusader Foundation for Humanity, was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Azín.

He personally oversaw the work of the medical teams that since January this year have provided free medical care and medicine to 12,580 victims in the provinces most affected by climate change.

“Some of the diseases caused by the floods, such as gastroenteritis, bronchitis, pneumonia and outbreaks of chicken pox, hit children most severely in the marginal and rural areas of the country; The work done for the benefit of the population is very important”point to page Action for National Democracy (ADN).

Lavinia participates in this initiative by the Noboa family, in which Through the New Humanity Foundation Crusade, they provided free medicine and free doctor’s help to thousands of Ecuadorians.

Influencer and model Angela Lavinia Valbonesi Acosta could become Ecuador’s first lady. Her husband, businessman Daniel Noboa, is running second in the 2023 election, so he will run against Luisa González in the Oct. 15 runoff.

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