Megan Fox and Billie Eilish change hair. And the result is always effective

vdo you want to change your hair? Try to take inspiration from that of Megan Fox and Billie Eilish, two truly dizzying hair looks to which it is impossible to say no.

That the night of the Oscars is a catwalk from which to draw maximum inspiration for new super trendy looks is certain. And every year we have proof of it. But the fact that there are two inspiring muses at the same time is not so obvious. And luckily they thought about it Megan Fox and Billie Eilish to make all this possible, sporting a hair change truly exceptional and which, we can already write it, will dictate in both cases two of the new hair trends for next season spring/summer 2023.

A change of hair that did not go unnoticed during the recurring post-Oscar party attended by the two and which sees a cut with long bangs for singer Billie Eilish and a new coppery red colour for actress Megan Fox.

Two truly exceptional new looks, which convey warmth and sensuality and which are well suited to the personality of each one. After all what better color to enhance the femininity and the seductive charge of the splendid Megan Fox, if not a color like the coppery red one chosen by the actress. A color that she is not afraid to dare and that showcases her power, energy and sensuality in an elegant and without too much ostentation. What can I say, a top ten look.

Not to mention, then, the one sported by Billie Eilish, a total black hairlook and a smooth, long, basic cut, embellished with a long and paraded fringe that falls over her eyes. A style that gives it an exceptional charm and that touch of mystery that is so popular. And that gives her gaze even more intensity and magnetism. In short, we can really say that with this new hair the talented Billie Eilish has really hit the spot.

Two makeovers that have left their mark, super photographed and that we are sure will find a way to be copied and customized by so many of us already in the next few weeks. To enter the new spring season with a leap and with killer hair like that of Megan Fox and Billie Eilish, two truly Oscar-worthy hair looks!

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