March 15, 2023

But on the net the videos of the supporters who emulate them go crazy and the rebellion does not seem to want to stop

Iran– After a raid with which the most hardened and dangerous criminals are chased, five girls, protagonists of a group dance without the classic ordinance veil, were identified and identified thanks to a closed circuit video surveillance system. As soon as the police force (just think, a country with a “moral police”) became aware of their names, they summoned the young women to give them a warning and to demonstrate the punitive intent intended to repress a behavior so impious: they were thrown in cells for 48 hours. Then, filming them with a video camera, and forcing them to cover their heads, they made them recite a public repentance, in which they admitted “We are guilty of dancing“.

Five girls would have been guilty of this incomprehensible crime Ekbatanpopulous district of Tehranwhen on the international day dedicated to women’s rights, last 8 March, they would have danced in front of two gray tenement buildings on the outskirts of the capital, recording a video in which they danced to the tune of a famous hit of the moment, singers Row And Selena Gomez. And, to get some likes from their virtual friends and followers, they would have uploaded the clip to TiTok.

In the scenes, the young girls showed their hair ruffled by the wind, their navel and sent kisses over the air, praising a light-heartedness and freedom of expression, fresh and sacrosanct for an age still to be lived. A message of revolution, intolerable for the dictatorial regime of Khameneiwhich continues to torture and hang anyone who claims to wake up from the slavery of body and soul.

Once again, the video of the five girls, arrested and forced to repent, to avoid being killed, has received a trail of appreciation and support, virally repeated by hundreds of women on the streets as well as spread on the net.

An answer that freezes and disarms the murderous fury of a government now folded in on itself and on the terror of being deposed in the most ruthless way it deserves, after so much innocent blood shed.

In a few days we will celebrate the last year of the Persian calendar. Yesterday evening, citizens took to the streets again to make their protest heard. The girls have resumed burning their veils and asking for truth and justice for women over five thousand female students who were poisoned at school.

Even Rowthe singer of Calm downthe song danced by the five young women in the video of the alleged scandal, writes on TwitterTo all the women who are fighting for a better world, I am inspired by you, I sing for you and I dream with you“.

You cannot stop the pride and courage of those who decide they no longer want to lower their heads, bend their backs, not even by humiliating them, harassing them, torturing them, nailing them, massacring them with contempt and cruelty. She will rise again from her own ashes, brighter and stronger than before, flying on the wings of freedom and life.


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