Selena Gomez writes on Instagram to a young Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez she decided to write a message to herself as a young girl. The “Calm Down” singer, who ended up under the lights of gossip about the recent drama with Hailey Bieber And Kylie Jenner due to the historic ex Justin Biebershared a photo of her as a child dating back to the times of the show via social media Barney accompanied by a very profound message that describes in a few words what he had to face Selena in his young life.

“Dear younger me, please don’t be afraid to ask for help,” she wrote Selena Gomez on Instagram talking to the child herself, encouraging her not to fear exposing herself or showing herself to be fragile. “Write to your younger self and paste the message on the mirror to remind you that you deserve the world,” she continued. Gomez which for years has become the spokesperson for natural and “imperfect” beauty but capable of making us unique and extraordinary.

After being body shamed for many years suffering terribly from what she read in the newspapers about her body (often suddenly swollen due to illness, the lupus), the 30-year-old artist has finally decided to live her life without having to be accountable to others for what she says, what she does and, above all, the way she looks, since no one should be able to make her feel wrong or out of place for a few extra pounds or a curvier-than-usual waistline.

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A speech that with itself that Selena Gomez (actress of movie which Montecarlo, Another Cinderella Story And A Rainy Day In New York) had already started a few days earlier on the Instagram account of his brand Rare Beauty where, once again, he wanted to send a message of self-acceptance to all his followers. “Something I wish I could say to my younger self is appreciate the face and body you have,” the ex said Justin Bieber, Selena Gomezbefore adding: “It may not look like everyone else, but you are who you are and be proud of it.”

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