Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in crisis. She disappears from social media and “took off her ring”

The actress has deleted her Instagram profile after sharing an ambiguous post in which she alluded to a possible break with Machine Gun Kelly

Air of crisis for the couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. According to a source a People the couple reportedly “got into a fight over the weekend”. An argument that made the actress so angry that she didn’t want to talk to her boyfriend. ‘They haven’t officially called off the engagement, but Megan did take off her ring’ it is rumored.

No confirmations have been received either from those directly involved or from Fox and Kelly’s lawyers but the facts lead us to believe that there is a real crisis underway. In fact, Megan deleted her Instagram profile after sharing an ambiguous post in which she alluded to her possible breakup with Machine. “They have had problems in the past, but this time things are looking pretty serious”, reveals the source. The post featured a series of photos of the actress and a video in which an envelope was burned. The caption is telling: “You can taste the dishonesty/ It’s all over your breath”phrase taken from the song Pray You Catch Me Of Beyoncé. A dishonesty also felt by Megan’s fans who commented: “Probably hooked up with Sophie”. A comment to which Fox herself promptly replied: “Maybe I got together with Sophie”.

But who is Sophie? The girl in question, Sophie Lloyd, is the guitarist in Machine Gun Kelly’s band. The young musician was busy but lately she would have been spotted in the company of Megan’s boyfriend and the rest of the band on the occasion of Super Bowl. Event in which Fox did not participate and the following day she deactivated her Instagram account. Coincidences?

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