Meghan Markle quarreled with Clooney: here’s what happened

There Popularity of the Dukes of Sussex it’s in free fall. Not only in the United Kingdom, where the couple seems to be very unwelcome, but also in the States. While Harry and Meghan were initially greeted with indulgence, even affection, in the emotional wake of the scandal over the royal family’s alleged sexist comment about their first child, Archie, now public opinion seems to be tired of the couple’s complaints. With the feminist podcast Archetypes vs. Gender Stereotypes project stalled and many of the offers made to the streaming giant Netflix archived, with whom they would have signed a $100 million contract, the Dukes seem to be growing further apart from the friends found in California. The last quarrel is with Clooney, who decided to break off relations with Harry and Meghan..

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Clooney at the wedding of the Dukes of Sussex in 2018.


The first signs that the Sussexes’ popularity among VIPs has begun to decline were felt last year when the couple was not invited to Barack Obama’s 60th birthday. No invitations even to the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham with Nicola Peltz, it seems that David and Victoria consider the couple to be very immodest and fear that some of their conversations may unexpectedly end with some series or publication. The latest to create scorched earth around Harry and Meghan were George Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin. They were among their best friends, no wonder they attended their wedding in 2018, but now the wind has changed. “Cluny is too close to King Charles III” this explanation was given by an insider Mirrorswho also tells a little anecdote. Apparently it was recently asked the actor if he had heard anything from Meghan lately. and that he answered with an emphatic no.

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Harry and Meghan are in a crisis in their relationship.

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It is not known what caused these quarrels, but it is clear that all those closest to the crown are embarrassed that they continue to visit Montecito’s house, which is now becoming increasingly isolated. According to the source, many Hollywood stars “deliberately keep their distance” from them so as not to upset the Princes of Wales William and Kate. Good neighborly relations began to improve when, after moving to the United States, Katy Perry allowed herself to comment on Megan’s wedding dress, saying that she prefers Kate’s dress. It was enough to start a cold war between the former actress and the pop star who, not surprisingly, enthusiastically agreed to sing at the concert after Carlo’s coronation. Even the devoted Elton John, a personal friend of Diana and her children, chose not to invite the couple to the AIDS Foundation’s annual Academy Awards party, which the artist hosts annually for charitable purposes on the night of the Oscars. The press silence is also from Oprah Winfrey, who also received an April 2021 exclusive for the famous high-profile interview against the Crown. Two women appear to have torn their ties.

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Relations between Elton John and Sussex have cooled.

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Things are no better for the family: the crisis between Harry and Meghan is confirmed by the prince’s trip to South Africa, where he is busy filming a documentary for Netflix. The king’s son left alone, leaving his wife and children at home. Pause for reflection to see if it is still possible to salvage the relationship now that self-financing opportunities through multi-million dollar contracts are failing and the circle of powerful friends is shrinking. Will a few weeks away from the spotlight be enough for the rebellious prince to find his way home and figure out what to do with his future? For many, his return to London without Meghan will be inevitable.

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