Melissa Roxburgh and JR Ramirez, Manifesto’s Michaela and Jared Together: Love Born on Set

Love was supposed to be born on set, but was kept in the dark about the gossip for several years: Melissa Roxburgh and JR Ramirez, the actors who play Michaela Stone and Jared Vasquez’s characters in Manifesto, have been engaged for several years now. Six days ago, they shared new photos of the couple taken during their trip to Spain.

Melissa Roxburgh AND J. Ramirezactors who are manifesto play as characters Michaela stone and Jared Vasquez are engaged in real life. In the hit Netflix TV series, they play an ex-couple who split up after a curious plane crash that kept Michaela, her brother, nephew and other passengers out of touch with reality for five years. Off set, the two actors have been romantically linked for about three years: after rumors, now comes confirmation from the streaming giant.

Love story of Melissa Roxburgh and JR Ramirez.

According to American tabloids, the relationship was supposed to start in 2018, but the couple has always preferred to keep it out of the gossip. They would break up for a short time before getting back together permanently between late 2021 and early 2022. Melissa Roxburgh and JR Ramirez, Manifest’s Michaela and Jared have decided to take privacy more seriously in recent months by sharing a few couple photos on Instagram. Rumors about their on-set love story have been chasing each other for a while now, Netflix has confirmed it in the last few hours:Michaela and Jared are also a couple in real life. you kiss“, is the caption for the tweet.

In the past few days, they have indulged in a holiday in Spain: they visited Madrid, Mallorca, Barcelona and Sitges, documenting the milestones through various photos posted on Instagram. “Food, people, scenery. Thank you for making us feel at home“, — signed the publication of the actor.

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Rest days after the fourth and final season of the television series in which they were the main characters. The latest episodes of Manifest 4 were released on Netflix last June, putting an end to doubts and questions about the famous Montego Air Flight 828.

Netflix saved Manifesto 4 from the finale

NBC decided to cancel the series at the end of its third season due to declining ratings, it was Netflix who saved it from the finale. By dividing the remaining 20 episodes into two dates, “Manifesto” finally puts an end to viewers’ doubts and questions: the last 10 episodes are now available on the streaming giant, released on June 2. The finale thus marked the end of the series, which would not have a fifth season.

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