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In recent years, more and more fashion trends have appeared, which include both men and women without any discrimination. This is because we live in a society in which gender discrimination is on the rise and is somehow, or at least ostensibly, more open-minded and less selective about what is exclusive.Women” Or “as a man,

From make-up to shoes, accessories and jewellery, there are a lot of fashion items that men and women adore today.

Tiktok is also an ally of this phenomenon. The progress of fashion without a fixed gender has also promoted the use of pearl necklaces, which is a typical accessory for elegant and sophisticated women, not only as a perfect ornament to adorn the woman’s neck.

Precisely for this reason, online jewellers, such as, today offer collections with pearl necklaces that are ideal for both men and women. But let us see in detail what this radical change has brought in the world of fashion.

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Pearl, by coco chanel To Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s From Jackie Kennedy to Grace Kelly to Queen Elizabeth II, she has held a privileged position in the fashion scene thanks to her inner sophistication.

These gems have been the protagonists of the most important occasions, being worn by brides in weddings and even in funerals because of their discretion. Until recently, it was easy to imagine them wearing senior person in the society.

Now, however, take a look around – from social networks to public transport – to feel what a gem this is. acquired a new meaning.

Earlier Generation Z loves pearls, which reinvented the #OldMoney aesthetic of big property. Secondly, they are increasingly being seen on men’s necks, thanks also to the influence of celebrities with genderless styles such as Timothée Chalamet or Harry Styles, in fact, the latter became a major element of his look.

Pearl necklace: the trend of summer 2023

But most of all, it was Vivienne Westwood and her Bas Relief Pearl Choker Necklace that got the trend going.

This jewel, launched in 1987 Harris Tweed Winter CollectionNot new by any means: It remained one of the brand’s best-selling pieces, especially after Katy Perry wore it over a pastel pink pantsuit for King Charles’s coronation.

The non-minimalist design that this necklace definitely appeals to even the youngest of kids is all because of the Japanese manga, Nana. Among the stars who succumbed to his charms is Dua Lipa. Damian of the Maneskins and Alyssa Mineo, who displayed the jewel on Instagram.

But over the years, not only has the audience for pearls changed, but also the way they are worn: no longer only with a sheath dress or evening dress, but in a casual version, with a white shirt and a pair of With jeans, or in winter with a simple T-shirt or with a turtleneck. a trend in which everyone is involved today, Men and women,

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