Men’s 2000s fashion: outfits, clothes, style

The cast of “The OC” in 2003.

In that backward path that fashion usually takes to rediscover inspiration, the time has come for 2000s outfits. When “The OC” was on TV, “Twelve Feet Above Heaven” or “Mean Girls” was in theaters, rappers like Jay-Z and groups like Destiny’s Child took radio stations by storm, Britney Spears enlivened tabloids and text messages – accompanied by emoticons – were new.

Even if the looks of the very early 2000s are traced back to the short circuit of creativity, due to the failures in the search for new and aesthetically pleasing distinctive features in step with the changes of the time, the fashion system brings them back into vogue, following the will of the public. Between a nostalgic approach to the last years before the advent of social media, a disillusioned comment and a clip from the Versace catwalk signed by Donatella or the provocative Dsquared2.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2001.

The facets of the 2000s trend

Thus in a univocal vision of fashion, tending towards easy stereotyping of that aesthetic called Y2K, or “the year 2000”low waists, oversized lines and crop tops alternate with skinny jeans, rounded sneakers, sweatshirts and a denim effect on denim.

Yet the 2000s are a jumble of styles, not a common field to draw from: from rap to hip-hop, up to the regurgitation of grunge (chic or not) and metalheads, the choice is far from the usual three bosses labeled as an example of “2000s clothing”. On a par with the eighties and nineties, animated by subcultures at the antipodes.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty in 2005.

The male style icons of the 2000s

2000s pop outfit: Justin Timberlake or Bieber?

Singers’ outfits were still relevant in the early 21st century, and musical genres managed to create out of thin air all-encompassing characters, entire personalities ranging from speech to dress. Justin Timberlake was able to make a trendy style not so, articulated by V-neck sweaters, super soft jeans and leather jackets with simple lines. Or quite the opposite, therefore (almost) skinny jeans and slim ties.

An approach inherited from another Justin, this time with the surname Bieber, who a few years later mixed low horses with tight lines in contrast with oversized, low-cut and sometimes zipped T-shirts. Or red and black checkered shirts. Prolonging the effect of the very early 2000s until around 2016.

Justin Timberlake in 2002.

2000s outfit for rappers: Eminem and Snoop Dogg

While hip-hop’s own sounds continued to appeal, rap also retained its followers. Whether it was for music or for fashion. Eminem made the elastic bands on the exposed underwear attractive, combined with trousers three times wider than one’s body, extra-large overalls with big pockets and bandanas instead of caps. Articulating a typical “2000s” look. In the wake of Snoop Dogg who had set a trend years earlier, photographing the trendy spirit of popular American neighborhoods.

Eminem in 2000.

2000s grunge (not) chic outfit: Johnny Depp and Gianluca Grignani

In support of the theory according to which the 2000s style for men is not only characterized by a few common elements, there is the resistance of the depopulated grunge in the Nineties. Johnny Depp in fact proposed a decommissioned look, disguised as a leather biker jacket, long hair and somewhat bohemian shirts unbuttoned a la “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Consistent with the uncertainty in terms of style that he was experiencing. Ironically, in Italy there was a now mature Gianluca Grignani very similar to Johnny in terms of combinations faithful to grunge, not exactly chic this time.

Gianluca Grignani in 2008.

Indie sleaze 2000s outfit: Pete Doherty

In the footsteps of the grunge style, indie sleaze follows: a perfect synthesis of what happened before and after the year 2000. The quintessential British icon is the damned Pete Doherty, frontman of the Libertines. Especially when he teamed up with Kate Moss, attending festivals and red carpets. And bringing with him a certain disengaged demeanor that embraced skimpy blouses, equally tight jackets, compact scarves, leather ankle boots, trousers with suspenders and wide-brimmed hats.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty in 2007.

2000s footballer outfit: David Beckham and Totti

While there were rappers on one side, hip-hop singers on the other and among them all the men who didn’t want to abandon Nirvana’s unfashionable approach, in a small place – which later expanded – football players trained. And with them the typical sporty looks developed and arranged in the 2000s.

Denim galore, ripped or skinny, skintight shirts, clean sweaters, trainers and tank tops filled David Beckham’s closet. Or Totti, his Italian version from a fashion point of view. All accompanied by muscles, tattoos, a tan even out of season and very short hair: side elements but still important for recreating 2000s outfits.

David Beckham in 2000 in Los Angeles.

The interpretation of the 2000s style in men’s fashion

Today fashion, increasingly intent on attracting young people, reinterprets the spirit of the 2000s in a contemporary key. From the oversized denim by Diesel to the tight-fitting one by Dsquared2, combined with tank tops and ironic T-shirts, up to the male nudity by Ludovic de Saint Sernin and the feminine by Blumarine according to Nicola Brognano.

These are just some of the contemporary brands that seem to go back twenty years, as if two decades hadn’t passed. Because the will to show one’s body has returnedand those years have done it all right, between bare torsos, bellies out, mini dresses and plunging necklines.

From the Diesel s/s 2023 fashion show.

2000s outfit: how to recreate the style of the time

After having retraced the most sensual years in terms of style, it’s time to understand what the essentials are for a Y2K outfit. Let’s start from the bottom: those were the golden moments of sneakers, between Air Jordan, Converse and Adidas. Even if the favorites were massive at Buffalo.

Set aside the shoes, it’s time for the jeans with a low waist and crotch or strictly baggy cargo, not by a little. There are beautiful ones from Entire Studios, Nike, Balenciaga and Diesel. Then you have to add a short-sleeved shirt equipped with maxi prints or long-sleeved (and striped as for grunge lovers). Or that they reveal the groin area. Available everywhere and reproduced at home with scissors.

To conclude? An oversized sweatshirt with zip and hood, an Eminem-style beanie upside down and simple accessories with maxi pendants. In short, a hybrid made up of all the 2000s style icons seen so far, who forged the idea that the inhabitants of TikTok and Instagram share today. Leaving an appropriate space for the naked, glimpsed for man.

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