MEP town hall

Lega MEP Paola Ghidoni, member of the Commission for Agriculture and the Commission for Employment and Social Affairs, visited the town hall yesterday and was greeted by Mayor Giorgetti, MEP Bruno Galli and councilors Adele Ceccarelli and Flaviana Grillo. The MEP, who chose Bellaria-Igea Marina as his summer vacation destination and as a testament and contribution to the post-flood situation, spoke to the local administration. The mayor “has the opportunity to showcase the many characteristics of the Romagna region and the excellence of the Bellaria agricultural sector,” the municipality says. On the plate are topics such as tourism and the connection between Europe and the tradition of hospitality on the Riviera, but above all “that agriculture and rural development that can be a valuable driver of growth, including employment, for the younger generation: from this point The meeting revealed a common basis for interest rate commitments and the need to act in such a way that, above all at Community level, credit conditions become more favorable for those doing business, including those in the agri-food sector”.

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