Mercurio Award on Stage Soundtrack Show

The Mercurio Prize comes alive after yesterday’s opening day. A rich program of events: tonight at 21.30 in Piazza Aranci, Max Ballet – Project2.0 will present “Dancing to the Notes of Cinema” with original dance choreography and a live musical performance by the Cpm Ultra Pop Band, created by students of the Cpm Institute of Music (School of Contemporary Popular Music , founded in Milan in 1984 by Franco Mussida), which will interpret some famous soundtracks and film songs, even Oscar-winning composers and singers such as Ennio Morricone, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Giorgio

Moroder, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joe Hisaishi, Lady Gaga, Irene Cara, Olivia Newton John, Aretha Franklin, Adele, Billy Eilish. Tomorrow evening at 21.30 in Piazza Aranci “Film Song – Songs in the Cinema” Danilo Rea’s musical project.

An absolutely unique event on the Italian music scene: an exciting journey to rediscover the great film-related songs of yesterday and today. Danilo Rea gives life to an unparalleled and unique musical journey. From the legendary 1930s, the golden age of American musical cinema, through the songs of French cinema to Italian cinema.

This year’s competition will feature a significant collaboration with “Master Mai (Music Applied to an Image)” by Lucca and will award the prize to the best composer among the student finalists of the Mai course (Giovanna Albano, Duccio Pieri, Giacomo Petrini). , Riccardo Vescovo, Giovanni Squitieri, Stefano Sestani, Giulio Fagiolini and Mattia Cavallaro) who created the original music for the short films submitted to the Rome Creative Competition, The Glass Dream, directed by Andrea Bancone, produced by Antonio Messino, music by Giovanna Albano, Giulio Fagiolini and Giovanni Squitieri. The Hunt, directed by Brando Bartoleschi, produced by Image Hunters, music by Giacomo Petrini, Duccio Pieri, Stefano Sestani. “Cose dell’altro mondo”, directed by Lorenzo di Nola, produced by Image Hunters, music by Mattia Cavallaro, Riccardo Vescovo. The students’ music was recorded with the orchestra of the Boccherini Conservatory in Lucca last June and performed at the final concert of the course in the Boccherini Auditorium. According to the results of the competition, the winner will be awarded a prize check for a thousand euros.

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