Mexican goat!Tom Brady shines in EXMA speech

At the National Auditorium on October 25 last year, EXMA Mexico A second version was produced: Heroes and doersa series of conferences attended by special guests designed to inspire entrepreneurs who want to start or improve their businesses, and the luxury guest in attendance is none other than seven-time NFL Super Bowl champion: Tom Brady.

This is the final stage of the second day’s activities Heroes and doers As the most sought-after and anticipated guest of this event, Brady stepped onto the stage of the reform giant. By telling his life experience and success in the NFL, he inspired all attendees to never give up and pursue the best version of themselves forever.

The five-time Super Bowl MVP, many of whom wore No. 12, received a standing ovation from Tom as the auditorium, which had been empty for much of the next day, experienced its highest attendance. Shell to watch the stars.

Tom started by thanking me for the opportunity he gave me to come to Mexico and shared some of his experiences in achieving his dream, emphasizing the importance of always being mentally, emotionally and physically stable for success and the balance that must be achieved to exist in the game and in life. of these three areas.

The three-time NFL MVP commented that as his 20 years in New England came to an end, he decided to continue playing, but his football journey took him to another place, Tampa where he won 3 victory. Incredible years and then retirement.

“I did learn to compete against guys who had more skills than me, but one thing they didn’t have more than me was that I worked harder than them and even though I was terrible, I ended up being considered good enough to be an NFL draft pick. “The Patriots drafted me in the sixth round,” the former Patriot said. “

Toughness, resilience, determination and competitiveness are the secrets to results and success given by Tom Brady, goat He ended his speech with this quote: “I always told myself that if they let me in, they would never be able to let me out, but they didn’t.”

Among the guests at this business and entrepreneurship party was Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, who talked about how being told by people around him “I wasn’t good enough” inspired him to prove himself. They were wrong, and its significance meant to him that his father was also a footballer.

Another guest was Arturo Elías Ayub, always charismatic and well-liked by the public, who, referring to the name of the event, declared himself: “a man of action”, which Let him tell a few anecdotes from his life. As a dealmaker.

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