Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler’s mystery genre project is a $90 million vampire movie!

January for scream box Several important releases have been released, including modern classics Terror in the high desert and its sequels Terror in the High Desert 2: Minervaand SCREAMBOX exclusive underground.

Also streaming now on SCREAMBOX Lamberto Bavaevil death– Style splash classic demon and demon 2!

exist demona group of people invited to a screening of a mysterious horror film soon find themselves living in a place locked inside by a greedy demon.

“With a powerful score, ’80s energy, and plenty of devilish fun under the direction of Lamberto Bava, you’ll have a great time at the film,” BD’s Megan Na Meagan Navarro said of this cult classic. “They will make the cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities their tombs. They are… demon“.

“Lamberto Bava’s “Regarded by horror fans around the world as two of the greatest Italian horror films of all time” demon Films are not only the primary fuel for cinematic nightmares, but also highly entertaining splash-fests of the highest order,” explains Synapse, who recently released both films in stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution.

“The ambitious sequel to 1986 demon 2, the apocalyptic terror continues! A TV horror movie spells doom for the residents of a luxury high-rise apartment as a demon is unleashed through the television screen at a young girl’s birthday party. As more and more residents become infected and transform into bloodthirsty demons, a young couple fights for survival as they try to escape this hell on earth.

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