Michael Jordan dumps Muhammad Ali, ‘greatest athlete’ claimed by Lionel Messi’s former teammate

Messi’s former teammates have had a deep admiration for Muhammad Ali throughout his career. The greatest athlete of all time remains a topic of debate among every sports fan. However, the Swedish star firmly believes that the boxing legend is the best in the history of all sports.

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Sports figures like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady are often considered the best sports figures in the world. However, the Swedish legend drew inspiration from Muhammad Ali and his legacy extends beyond the confines of the boxing ring. In this, the AC Milan icon conveys the moral values ​​that the veteran boxer has embodied for decades.

The Swedish star idolized Muhammad Ali


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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is inspired by boxing sensations: his outspokenness and commitment to social causes as well as his unconventional actions. The American legend doesn’t make any decisions without considering other people’s opinions or feelings. Muhammad Ali happily expressed his beliefs and did not try to project a different image of himself on any public platform.

The 42-year-old icon stressed that Muhammad Ali’s ambition was not to gain fame among people, but to bring about positive social change. Zlatan Ibrahimovic hailed the boxing legend as the greatest sportsman because of his inspiring qualities. Speaking on Piers Morgan’s show, the Swedish star said: “Muhammad Ali was the greatest athlete of all time because I feel like today, players try to be as perfect as possible. He wants to have a perfect image. Afraid that someone would judge him in the wrong way. Muhammad Ali was not that kind of person. Muhammad Ali was who he was.And he himself is on the ring outside the ring“.

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The AC Milan legend also mentioned how he strives to emulate the principles of Muhammad Ali. Ibrahimovic works for the welfare of people outside the confines of his football drive. However, he offered a very different view of social welfare than other sportsmen of the era.

Lionel Messi’s former teammates demonstrate his role model’s values


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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has had a dream career for two decades. The Swedish star scored over 600 goals for nine different clubs before hanging up his boots. Ibrahimovic remained active in many initiatives after his retirement. He donated a staggering $1 million to benefit a hospital. The PSG legend also donated money to build a school for the children. In 2014, the Manchester United icon also donated $36,700 to the Swedish national team to help players with learning disabilities.

Among many such high-profile charities, the former Manchester United striker says his social work is not designed to enhance his reputation with the public. The veteran forward engages in such activities out of a genuine interest in serving the common people. He also added in the interview, “If you do these things, you don’t have to be seen because a third person has to tell you what a lovely person you are. No, I don’t need that. I do it because I want to. To To get the image that I think of today in this sports world. They’re looking, they’re so focused on their image rather than being who you are: People, I have to accept you for who you are.

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Therefore, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s social impact is indeed inspiring for players, a point highlighted in Piers Morgan’s wide-ranging interview.


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