Michael Jordan once dissected the root cause behind his success, driven by his infamous trait: “If you didn’t…”

It can be said with certainty that Michael Jordan You’ve earned his bragging rights. Six championships and two Olympic gold medals, among many other accomplishments, have made him the standard for success in the NBA. Even MJ realizes this.His ego is widely recognized in NBA circles and black jesus he himself. Injuries can cost you dearly on the field. In addition to using his skills and physical attributes to his advantage, he also uses his ego to fuel himself.

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Jordan’s ego may have cost him friendships after he retired, but at the time, it made him a three-peat.

Michael Jordan inflated his ego


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While an inflated ego can turn against an average person, Michael Jordan was immersed in it. At the height of his stardom, the Bulls’ front man’s self-awareness earned him a reputation. Now, a resurfaced video shows Jordan turning an annoying personality trait into his greatest strength.

When asked about the connection between ego and success, Jordan said in his hip-hop style: “Self is everything. Ego is part of determination. ”

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This clip is part of a larger 1993 interview with Andrea Kremer. Jordan led the Bulls to their first championship in franchise history in 1991 and again in 1992. The Bulls were competing for three consecutive championships at the time. interview. His determination to achieve this goal is also reflected in his character.

If you have no ego andYou can’t have the determination to achieve your goals. That’s part of success. ” i have already told sports day Interviewer.

As history unfolds, Jordan’s ego has accomplished its mission. In the 1993 playoffs, the Bulls clashed with the Knicks. After Jordan said these words in an interview, the Bulls won. He defeated Charles Barkley’s Phoenix Suns in the Finals, winning three consecutive championships and becoming the Finals MVP for the third consecutive year.

This isn’t the first time Jordan’s ego has hurt Barkley. Still, at least there weren’t any bitter feelings after the 1993 Finals.

Jordan’s ego clashes with Barkley


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only his magnanimity He’ll be humbled by his immense self-awareness as he uses it as part of his game-winning mentality. However, he’s convinced he’s not the only one. “You can’t find a successful person in life who has no ego.“Jordan said 30 years ago.

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People with the same characteristics are bounce dome. Their friendship fell apart when Barkley criticized Jordan’s stewardship of the Charlotte Hornets. Charles Will air their ego conflicts in public.


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Although Jordan and Barkley clashed during their careers, their friendship lasted for decades. But ultimately, ego got in the way. What do you think of this trait in Michael Jordan?

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