Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James: NBA Goats’ lowest-scoring performances compared

In the basketball world, the debate rages on this day over who deserves the title of Greatest of All Time (GOAT): Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Everyone has a different opinion. Some credit Jordan with paving the way, others credit LeBron with taking the NBA to unprecedented heights.

Each player’s unique strengths and achievements make them strong contenders for the “GOAT” title.

Lakers legend LeBron James and Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan have countless great playoff performances throughout their illustrious careers.

However, like any player, James and Jordan had their share of less-than-spectacular nights.

This article explores the lowest-scoring career games of James and Jordan.

Michael Jordan: Lowest-scoring game

VS 2 points Raptors and Lakers

Specifically, on December 15, 2002 and April 2, 2002, Jordan scored only 2 points in the games against the Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers respectively, which were the two lowest scoring games of his career.


The Raptors’ historic victory over Jordan’s 72-win Bulls marked a big moment in the game, and their game against the Washington Wizards coincided with a game against the Lakers.

Compare 8 points to the Cleveland Cavaliers

The one time Michael Jordan scored just eight points in a game was on March 22, 1986, when the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Bulls 83-99.

He recovered from a foot injury in this game and only played 16 minutes, shooting 30.8% from the field.

Throughout his career, Jordan scored less than 10 points in a total of 13 games, 12 of which occurred while with the Wizards.

Among them, his worst performance was on December 15, 2002, when he scored 2 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists in 40 minutes of playing time.

vs. 15-point New York Knicks

In Game 2 of the 1989 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the New York Knicks, Jordan scored the Chicago Bulls’ lowest points of the playoffs.

He only scored 15 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal, shooting 41.2% from the field, and the Bulls lost 114-97.

LeBron James’ career: Lowest-scoring game

VS 6 points Detroit Pistons

LeBron James scored a career-low six points against the Detroit Pistons. Facing a strong Pistons team that included Ben Wallace, Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton.

LeBron led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 4-11 record and easily lost to their opponents. Despite contributing 7 assists, LeBron only completed 2 of 11 assists, resulting in his scoring of only 6 points.

4 points vs. Los Angeles Clippers

In his first season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James endured some of his lowest-scoring games.

The Cavaliers’ goal is to showcase LeBron James’ extraordinary talent and try to position him in different ways.

This was evident against the Los Angeles Clippers when LeBron played center, resulting in one of his worst performances of the season.

In that game, he only scored 4 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds, and the team made adjustments to accommodate Carlos Boozer, who contributed 14 points and 21 rebounds.

3 points vs. Houston Rockets

LeBron James played through pain and had his worst numbers while playing 15 minutes or more.

Still, the Cleveland Cavaliers admit they are committed to building their team around LeBron as long as he remains with the team.

They are pleased with their successful start to the season, posting a 17-11 record.

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