Michael Jordan Was “The Devil” According To His Former Bulls Teammate

During his time with the Chicago Bulls, Horace Grant referred to Michael Jordan as “the devil”. However, he meant it in a good way.

Grant spoke with NBA Insider, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, where he elaborated on his experience playing for the Bulls with His Airness. Grant was hired by Chicago in 1987 and remained with the team until 1994. He was a key part of the Windy City franchise’s first of three consecutive NBA titles from 1991 to 1993.

During his seven-year tenure with the Bulls, Grant was able to really get a feel for how Jordan performed on the field and in practice. And that firsthand experience convinced him that there is no better player in the history of the game than MJ.

“Man, let me tell you, we thought this guy was the devil. When I say devil it is out of respect. The way they practiced, we felt like the Detroit Pistons or the New York Knicks. This guy trained very hard, and if you weren’t on his squad at practice, you were his archenemy.”They said provide a scoop b, “And that’s why you could say he was the best player ever to play the game.”

Everyone knows how much of a “freak” Michael Jordan was (and still is), it was only natural for him to give his all in any match, be it a friendly match or an official match.

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