Michael Jordan wins Guyana Literary Award for Best Novel

Former Kaieteur News editor and renowned Guyanese journalist Michael Jordan won the Guyana Literary Award for Fiction for his novel “The Girl in the Pink Pleated Skirt.” Known for its in-depth coverage of Guyana’s crime wave, Jordan’s award-winning novel tells a gripping story set against the backdrop of Guyanese murders. The Guyana Literary Awards have announced other winners in various categories, highlighting the country’s diverse literary talent.

Spotlight on Guyanese literary talents

The awards ceremony was held at the National Cultural Center in Georgetown, where Etherine GH Adams won the first prize in the non-fiction category. Ruth Osman won the award for best first book of poetry, with Harold Bascom and Samir Mohammed winning for their contributions to drama and short stories respectively. Recognized. The event, chaired by Minister Charles Lamson and Prime Minister Brigadier General (Retd) Mark Phillips, underscored the Government’s commitment to celebrating and nurturing literary excellence in Guyana.

Cultivate a literary community

The Guyana Literary Awards Festival, which began on February 29 and concluded on March 3, provides a dynamic platform for established and emerging writers to gain exposure and connections. Held at Castellani House, the festival features writing workshops, literary talks and children’s activities, making it a comprehensive celebration of Guyanese literature. Ruel Johnson, a Guyanese writer and co-organizer of the festival, highlighted the event’s role in affirming literary talent and encouraging creative expression across all ages.

Looking Ahead: The Future of the Guyana Literary Festival

As the festival draws to a close, Johnson hints at plans for future expansion, including tie-in events between regional writing workshops and awards. The initiative aims to decentralize the festival’s services and make literary resources more accessible across Guyana. The government’s investment in the festival underlines a wider vision to contribute to the development of the creative industries by celebrating outstanding writers, nurturing emerging talent and connecting them with wider Guyanese society.

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