Michael Jordan’s security guard didn’t recognize J. Balvin and nearly pushed him away

J.Barvinone of the most renowned artists of the reggae genre, met Michael Jordanlegendary NBAin one of the events Nazca exist bristol plate.But before hugging singer and former basketball playersomething strange happened to a security guard from MJ.

And at the same time Jordan I walked around the track Balvin He wanted to get close to him because the two maintained a good relationship due to different collaborations with tennis brands.Jordan‘.

However, security forces Michael He was unaware of this friendship, so when the singer traveled to Jordan, one of his escorts wanted to push the Colombian artist away.In view of this, the former player chicago bulls He intervened and ordered him to come closer. J.Barvin.

exactly Balvin and Nike and Michael Jordan Introducing the tennis model.even though basketball legend The sneakers I wear are with reggae music.

“I feel privileged to have people around me that I have always admired and to see today that we are a team, we are friends and we are ambassadors for Sundowns. Medellin in my own car Nazca! Never stop dreaming and working hard to achieve your goals.Thanks Jordan“, wrote singer on their social networks.

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