Micol Incorvaia at GF Vip is the healthy praise of normality that does not deserve victory

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Micol Incorvaia entered the race in the House of Big Brother VIP 7. It was November 3, 2022, in fact, when he walked through the red door of the reality show, together with five other new competitors including the just eliminated Luca Onestini and two of the most popular finalists to win, Oriana Marzoli and Edoardo Tavassi. Initially known as influencer e younger sister of Clizia Incorvaialet’s see how his journey has been in these five months in front of the cameras and let’s try to hypothesize how many chances he may have of bringing home the victory in the final of the GF Vip on Monday 3 April.

Twenty-nine years old, Incorvaia is in his first reality show. Compared to other competitors far more experienced than her, perhaps she paid the price for her a little. Micol immediately showed herself to be a very private woman and completely allergic to controversies, strategies and subterfuges. From minute zero, he preferred to demonstrate his personality more with deeds than with words. For example, while all the others wandered around the house dressed and made up for a gala evening at any hour of the day, she constantly maintained the habit of staying in overalls and slippersas if it were at home. An honest and appreciable attitude which, however, has created more than one perplexity among the roommates: the moment in which Antonella Fiordelisi and Giale De Donà asked each other the reason for this so sober choice in the look by Micol was quite amusing: “It’s probably a strategy. He wants to give the impression to the women who watch us from home that we are like them. So they vote for it”. Nothing further from reality, Micol has always been, for better or for worse, completely genuine and true to herself. Whether or not she was on TV, she cared little or nothing.

Then, she fell in love. Together with Edoardo Tavassi he forms one of the (few) non-horror couples in this edition. Second only, perhaps, to that of the reunited ex Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrázová. For Micol it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but when he wanted to give Guendalina’s brother a chance, a very strong feeling was born. He, perpetually sarcastic and over the top of her, manages to soften her shyness even by good-naturedly making fun of her. “You are beautiful, but from Instagram you looked like Megan Fox”, he often repeats them with affection. Conversely, Micol with her always moderate character, in addition to laughing heartily, perhaps manages to bring her beloved back on track when in the grip of joking, he goes too far. A balance that could be said to be perfect, even if he Incorvaia, as a character in his own right, risked ending up a bit in the shade compared to the histrionic sweetheart. If not to be literally engulfed by it.

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The columnist Sonia Bruganelli has pointed it out to him more than once: from the beginning of this love story, Micol has, consciously or otherwise, set herself aside a bit, becoming a sort of repeater of his opinions. After all, Incorvaia has never been among the most quarrelsome or volcanic competitors on the square. On the contrary, if his education is certainly to be commended, especially in that context, the way he has of distancing himself from controversies and brawls can be a bit boring and haughty. Without going too far back in time, just think of the last live broadcast in which Antonella Fiordelisi returned to the house for a face-to-face meeting with her: she poured everything against her, but failed to really scratch her. “I don’t feel represented by the level of this conversation” was more or less the only comment she felt like releasing, opposing the fury of Antonella, who is angry with her as the ex-girlfriend of her partner Edoardo Donnamaria, with a decent press blackout.

The decision not to take the field at the time of possible trashy battles can be shared from a human point of view. At the same time, Micol wonders where he thought he was when he signed the contract to participate in Big Brother Vip. At Cern, by any chance? Avoiding any quarrel, even if it is a sign of self-respect and dignity, is also a double-edged sword because it could lead the public to wonder whether or not Vippona has a defined personality, charisma, as well as moderate manners.

Despite this, in the end, the seraphic and superior attitude was rewarded by the viewers who crowned her in televoting as the second semifinalist of this edition. An unexpected milestone and son of the new reality editorial line that forced the show to be less scurrilous and trashy. Without this diktat from Pier Silvio Berlusconi, Micol Incorvaia would not have reached the final. In the “black” episode that led the Alfa summit to this decision, Bruganelli had defined it, together with Giaele, a “useless competitor”, precisely because of the well-established habit of staying on one’s own without creating interesting dynamics outside of its liaison. Clizia’s sister has never provided much to talk about. This is demonstrated, for example, by the almost total absence of blocks dedicated to her during primetime appointments with reality TV.

Despite that, has succeeded in subverting the unfortunate predictions by following the path of calmness. She is perpetually accused of having low self-esteem just because, unlike the others, she doesn’t want to get dressed up 24 hours a day in favor of the camera. Even in the face of such disputes, she does not lend her side to drama. She is extraneous to game logic, in general she hardly counterattacks when she receives a provocation, but if this provocation really touches her, she suffers. And she does it alongside those who are dearest to her, like her boyfriend Edoardo Tavassi. Basically, she behaves the same way a person would react outside the House. She does not tear her clothes and hair out in the public square, but keeps the things that hurt her for herself, expressing them only with those who love them. It may have been this very source that generated great empathy towards her from the public.

Micol Incorvaia is, to all intents and purposes, a praise of normality within an edition in which most of the Vipponis proved to be professional players. And a praise of normality is perhaps alien to the logic of a reality show, but, in this case, it has managed to find great consensus among viewers, probably exasperated by brawls and specious vulgarities. Of course, had they all been like her, we would have seen an aquarium-edition, with very few dynamics and peaks of hype. At the same time, Micol Incorvaia was the green lung of a reality show polluted by screams and hysteria. A merit that shouldn’t be enough to obtain the final victory, because it would constitute half a joke for those who have spent the most, for better or for worse, since the beginning of the game.

I’m writing. Perpetually waiting for the raising of questions to be recognized as an Olympic discipline.

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