will Scarlet Witch return to the Marvel series?

A series of rumors in recent months seems to reveal every detail of the plot of Agatha: Coven of Chaos, arriving on Disney+ next year.


We have known for some time that Agatha Coven of Chaos has been postponed to a later date. The serial, originally planned for the end of 2023 or early 2024 on Disney+ could therefore slip by a few months, arriving in late 2024 or even during 2025. All part of Bob Iger’s new plan for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which foresees less products and more quality for each of them. Some have speculated that the TV series dedicated to the character played by Kathryn Hahn could even have been canceled, also because it is one of the productions coming to Disney + least expected by Marvel fans, perhaps together with Echo. In January, however, filming began on Agatha Coven of Chaos, which dispels any doubts about the “health” of the serial, which at this point will certainly find space on Disney + in the coming years. In parallel, various rumors have tried to anticipate the plot of Coven of Chaoswhich could prove to be very important for the “mystical” part of the MCU.

The return of the Scarlet Witch

A particularly interesting rumor, which appeared on Twitter in mid-January and confirmed in recent months by more and more different sources, some of which are even authoritative, explains that Agatha: Coven of Chaos begins exactly at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Let’s take a step back and remember where Agatha Harkness and Scarlet Witch-Wanda Maximoff are at the moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Wanda is (apparently) dead crushed under Mount Wundagore, while Agatha is still in Westview, victim of a spell launched on her by Scarlet Witch at the end of WandaVision. According to the rumor, the Wanda’s death will break the spell, freeing the witch played by Kathryn Hahn and making her regain her memory and powers. After remembering what she did to the inhabitants of Westview, she Agatha will decide to remain incognito, pretending to still be a victim of the Scarlet Witch’s spell. Slowly, however, this she will realize that she is considered a hero by the people of Westview, deciding to come out and, most likely, to protect his fellow citizens from a greater threat. This could also make sense if we tried to “connect the dots” of Marvel’s statements and rumors of the last few months, for which much of the WandaVision cast will be returning also in serial-sequel, while Kathryn Hahn herself confirmed that there will be songs in Agatha Coven of Chaos, confirming that the common thread with WandaVision it will be both thematic and structural.

At this point, however, a question may arise: Scarlet Witch will be back in Coven of Chaos or is his death to be considered permanent? Logic seems to suggest that Wanda definitively died under Mount Wundagore: this would also explain why the spell over Agatha was broken, starting the TV series. In fact, Elizabeth Olsen herself has confirmed the return of the Scarlet Witch in Coven of Chaos. The leaker tries to match the two statements by explaining that Scarlet Witch isn’t really dead (on the other hand, no one ever really is in the MCU), but she was buried and disempowered under Mount Wundagore.

Just the loss of Wanda’s magical powers would finally undo the spell on Agatha’s mind, freeing her. However, the leak also reveals that Wanda Maximoff will return in the finale of Agatha: Coven of Chaos, albeit in a weakened version, joining the ex-enemy to face the coven of witches on the trail of the two enchantresses (and another key character of the series, but we’ll get to that shortly). Finally, according to the leaker Scarlet Witch will not get her powers back during the TV series, but during the events of Vision Quest (which not surprisingly will have the same writers as WandaVision, configuring itself as a second sequel to the latter).

Young Avenger on the way?

What we have just reported is, in summary, the plot of Agatha: Coven of Chaos, at least according to the rumors. However, several other rumors surrounding the production can help us clarify what we can expect from it. The first is that Agatha will have an adopted son: the latter will be an adult version of Billy Maximoff already seen in WandaVision, played by Joe Locke (actually appeared in the first photos from the set of Agatha: Coven of Chaos) and endowed with the powers of a Wiccan, mythological figure on whose trail is a mysterious coven of witches. However, it seems that Billy will not be Agatha’s biological son, but will be adopted by the latter during the series, probably after the witch has discovered her real powers and the danger hanging over him. Just the need to protect Billy will bring Agatha and Scarlet Witch to ally in the finale of the first (and only?) season of the production: both, in fact, will feel a strong maternal sense towards him and will try to protect him from the group of witches led by Patti LuPone, who plays a character still completely unknown.

Another interesting confirmation of the rumors is that, apparently, Wiccan will also be homosexual in the TV series destined for Disney +, following what Marvel has already done in the comics. Unfortunately, however, in Agatha: Coven of Chaos there will be no room for Hulkling, Wiccan’s longtime love interest on the House of Ideas books: Hulkling was already supposed to debut in WandaVision, but seems to have been cut and postponed to date from to be destined. For now, it seems that Hulking will first appear in Armor Wars: during the events of the film, he will probably join an embryonic formation of the Young Avengers, which will obviously also include Wiccan. It is therefore probable that the love between the two was born in this context. However, it seems that Billy will have another love interesti.e. a secondary character of the serialwhose interpreter or name we still do not know: the latter, however, will end up betraying Wiccan’s trust, since in episode 7 (therefore close to the season finale, since the production will have 9 episodes) revealed that these others is a henchman of the coven of witches hunting for Billy, sent to the latter to gain his trust by exploiting his own coming outwhich should instead take place at the beginning of the TV series.

An enemy by no means taken for granted

The last knot to untie is instead that of Agatha’s True Enemy: Coven of Chaos. The “Chaos Coven” that gives its name to the series, in fact, will be represented as the group of villains main characters of the production: it seems that it concerns a group of witches who have ancient links with Agatha Harkness, and who even seem to have known her since the Middle Ages. The purpose of this group, for much of the series, will appear to be to kidnap and kill Billy-Wiccan because of his magical powers. Only during episode 8 (which, again according to the leaks, will be a sort of musical) will it be revealed that the coven does not want to harm the young hero, but rather considers him a sacred deity to worship. There real enemy will be the witch played by Aubrey Plaza, which should be a sort of “lone wolf” among the charmers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: the identity of the character is still unknown, but we know that Aubrey Plaza has been in the cast of Agatha Coven of Chaos already for months in a completely official way, therefore we can assume that at least this part of the rumor is true. Finally, it seems that the coven of witches will consist of many iconic Disney faceswho will have cameos during the series: the leaks promise big surprises in this regard, perhaps with the return to the big screen of various stars of the past who have so far kept away from the MCU.

Finally, it looks like it Mephisto will also appear in Agatha: Coven of Chaosalthough probably only in the finale or, indeed, in the scene post-credits of the latest installment of the series. With an appearance of Mephisto in Ironheart now almost certain and a Halloween special dedicated to Mephisto that could arrive as early as 2023, it is not at all unlikely that the Marvel Devil could be the “real” villain of Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

The latter, in fact, could be behind the plans of the mysterious character played by Aubrey Plaza, or have provided her with their mystical powers to clash with Agatha and Scarlet Witch. On the other hand, it is unlikely that he will have a leading role in the TV series for Disney +, even if the rumors seem to suggest that Mephisto will become a central component of all the supernatural part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the coming years: that the purpose of Marvel Studios is to form a “magical” team of superheroes dedicated solely to fighting against the Devil of the House of Ideas?

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