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A new and unusual preview comes out on possible release of PS5 Slim, Sony’s smallest and most cost-effective console option. But the real peculiarity of this rumor concerns the source, namely none other than Microsoft. The indiscretions appeared in the legal filings surrounding the contentious dispute between the Redmond giant and Federal Trade Commission on the acquisition of video game company Activision. From what we can read, Microsoft isn’t just looking for release soon Ps5 Slim, but also increases the score possible price. How reliable are these rumors?

This is not the first time that product previews appear as a result of leaks of confidential documentation from competing companies, on the other hand, this is a consolidated practice of studying the market and its developments, paying special attention to those who consider themselves more dangerous for the dominance of a certain segment. For this reason, Microsoft collected information from confidential sources about possible PS5 Slim will be released at the end of 2023 which will go more or less the same way as the Ps4 Slim, that is, with a lighter design, a more affordable price than the standard version, and most likely also without an optical disc reader. So this will be kind of a reworked version PS5 Digital Editionfrom which it will also inherit a very similar price equal to $399.99 for the US market (in Italy it costs 449.99 euros).

As collateral, price $299 for Project Qor a console-not-console to play streaming games already available on PS5. Sony has already hinted several times that the idea was to focus directly on the next PS6, but given the good response to previous versions of the Slim, it’s not worth imagining a mid-gen version in between, especially now that stock shortages due to for covid 19 to end.

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