Sea lion avian influenza: Port colony migrates and significantly declines

Existential concerns continue Avian Influenza In cities and regions and quantities sick sea lion Those who went to the beach with symptoms and died.

In addition, there is a new factor, Migration of groups located in ports, with significant reductions in animal numbers, atypical behavior outside of the breeding season.

After the number of registered people exceeds 100 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) H5 Cases At least 98 sea lions died in Mar del Plata Regional Ports Alliance, Senasa, Argentinian Navy Department, National University of Mar del Plata and Argentina Animal Foundation They continue their work.

In this regard, Juan Lorenzani, Argentine Fauna Director talk with maplatans and explained the current situation in the city. “The situation more or less continues within the beaches and harbors, with animals continuing to leave and then die. We received reports last week from the San Clemente area. He said: “Today we noticed a few more wolves in the port and a few more wolves on the beach, so the situation is more or less maintained. Although the situation and intensity are different from the previous ten days, it is still Keep it up.”

“We noticed a strange fact that on Thursday we started seeing There are fewer and fewer sea lions.Friday, Saturday and Sunday Port population migration reduced to 120 people About.This doesn’t mean they’re dead; They left the harbor, probably with about 350 wolves”, said the Argentinian Zoological Zone.

As for the reason, Lorenzani said: “This may be related to the stress the colony is experiencing due to disease problems.. This may be a fact of nature, and I believe it is. “What happens is when animals don’t feel good, they move to the other side.”

“That’s what’s new and that’s what surprised us, because The mass migration is in December When is the breeding season, but it’s September so there’s no reason for such a massive mobilization,” said the president of the conservationist group.

I added: “We counted about 100, 120 specimens in the harbor over the weekend. It’s unclear when the remaining personnel will return.. It’s worth noting that just because a pack of big wolves has left the harbor doesn’t mean they won’t come back, which has happened many times.

A similar case also occurred in the Port of San Francisco There’s a pack of California wolves there. They created special places for them to live, but a few years ago, they disappeared overnight. The problems there were due to feeding issues, but then they came this means Animals react to certain events in this wayLorenzani added.

Regarding the fact that sick people keep coming out of the sea, they do continue to show up on the beaches, but not in large numbers.. This week we have had reports of three specimens on the beach and two specimens in the harbor. We had to count again, but we calculated that the number of wolves had increased to 125. ” concluded the Argentine Animal Association.

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