Milan, Giovanni Storti and potholes: this time he “rescues” Lukaku trapped inside

Giovanni Storti continues his work to raise awareness through social media about the issues that matter most to him, including the city of Milan and the condition of its streets. After a video last November in which he denounced the situation on Via Bramante: “There are wounds on the asphalt that are bleeding. Look, there’s a leg there. But like all bleeding wounds, they must be treated,” he said in the video. , the actor returned to those lands, this time in the role of a speleologist.

“I found Lukaku, that’s why he didn’t answer.”

“We are still here in Via Bramante,” the comedian states in the video, “think about it, my speleologist friend is inside, he managed to get in, we found a woman inside on a bicycle who got lost at the end of the street. February”. Storti then refers to Romelu Lukaku, the former Inter footballer (a team of which the actor is a well-known fan) who has found himself at the center of transfer market intrigue after alleged dalliances with Juventus: “Then we found Lukaku too, for someone who doesn’t I picked up the phone because he was there.” Then a message from the administration: “Do something about these potholes, otherwise sooner or later the tram will stop, the tram will disappear.”


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