Tuttle, Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo restaurants open in Valencia

iconic restaurant Rafael Nadal and cristiano ronaldo The service, already available in Ibiza, Beverly Hills, Doha and Madrid, will open in Valencia on Friday 22 September.

The new headquarters will be Mabel Hotel Groupwho joined the “family” Tuttle‘, inside Pascual Janis Street.

The opening is part of the global expansion strategy of Mabel Hospitality, a subsidiary of Mabel Capital, which develops and manages the group’s different restaurant concepts.

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Mabel Hospitality says the aim is to provide an “extraordinary” culinary and service experience in a unique location, complete with live music.

The team at the new restaurant is made up of professionals from Tatel headquarters who will deliver the essence of the brand, from the kitchen and dining room to the suppliers, as well as the bar, reception and waiter teams.

Tuttle ValenciaIn addition, with Porcelain. The space has an area of ​​600 square meters and is located in the old Valencia Stock Exchange building and was designed by Grace Design.

The atmosphere here combines the secret souls of other Tuttles with the typical Mediterranean style of the city.

In terms of gastronomy, the Valencian headquarters will continue along the group’s lines, although it will aim to adapt local traditions such as garden vegetables or the classic Valencian paella.

Restaurants want to provide an authentic experience. To do this, they bet on live music every night, from cover quartets and flamenco bands to contemporary music, such as DJ performances by international artists.

this project

Tatel is a project created in 2014 by partners Manuel Campos Guallar, Abel Matutes Prats, Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo, as part of the hotel subsidiary of the investment company Mabel Capital.

Guillem Querol, one of the partners at Tatel Valencia, expressed his excitement about setting up the headquarters of the Tatel Group in this “booming” city. According to your opinion,”Valencia is a city increasingly fond of such concepts Food and leisure go hand in hand to create unique experiences day in and day out. “

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