Miley Cyrus hopes to beat one of Adele’s Billboard charts

With “Flowers” at No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary list for the fifth week in a row, Cyrus begins making his own Billboard story.

22 September 2023 15.03

Successful old age Miley Cyrus Flowers“, which has been on the list for six months, continues to dominate various lists. Billboard, is one of the top three pop radio lists. Accordingly, the singer is preparing to perform another important hit, cementing her enduring popularity.

Billboard I inform you that “Flowers“de Cyrus will retain its position at the top of the list Contemporary music for adults next week. The weekly rankings feature songs I perform on radio programs aimed at contemporary adult audiences that are essentially similar to pop music tailored for listeners my age. The list will be updated on Tuesday, September 26, and when you read it, Cyrus to be alone in the forest.

When inside one of them “Flowers“Alkanza is No. 1 on the list for the fifth week in a row. Adult Modern, Cyrus refer to the history of hackers Billboard. This caused her to become the Reinado Width woman at the top of the list, surpassing Adelewhich previously displayed memory.

In fact, Cyrus Enjoy your fifth consecutive week at the top of the list, putting you on par with the British superstar. El Sito de AdeleTake it easy on me“Dominate the list for 24 weeks at your peak while creating new memories.

Again Cyrus part, empathize Adele, Reynard among women, but not all artists have in mind. The weekly reminder is number 1 on the list. Contemporary music for adults belongs “Girls like you“, de maroon 5, who will hold the first post for 36 weeks. Interestingly, this was a reminder of Cardi B one that puts the song at number 1 on many lists, but it is the only version that has the best feature on the list Contemporary music for adultsso greed is not part of this story.

Between the gates Cyrus and el de maroon 5affecting all chords are located in two other parts: Blinding lightde Weekendwhich returns to the list in 35 weeks, y Walk awayde Uncle Cracker th Dobie Gray, which has been ranked number 1 for 28 weeks. No if you know yes Cyrus you can leave it in place and reduce the duration by 30 weeks, although it will not be canceled later.

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