Miley Cyrus Reviews Gorgeous Magnolia, Gucci Flora’s Third Fragrance

The pop star, already the face of the brand, has been chosen to introduce the new fragrance from the Gucci Beauty family, Eau de Parfum Gorgeous Magnolia, which celebrates inner strength.

There Endless summer holidaysendless summer holiday season Miley Cyrus (definition taken from the title of his latest album) is enriched with a new professional goal. Multi-platinum singer, already chosen by Gucci as Gucci Flora faceis at the center of the third chapter of Gucci Beauty fragrances: Magnificent magnolia.
The artist, one of the most famous faces of the Gucci family review group and ambassadors, is a very powerful symbol. inner strength and femininity, concepts that well define the luxury brand’s third Eau de Parfum. This new Cyrus campaign is also signed by Petra Collins, who also curated the Gorgeous Jasmine and Gorgeous Gardenia campaigns.

Miley Cyrus, a strong and vital testimonial

When Gucci announced the inclusion of Miley Cyrus in their 2021 review list, it was clear that the singer, with a complex and diverse personality, would be perfect for interpreting the different spirits of the various Gucci Flora fragrances. Three campaigns created by a thirty-year-old man from Tennessee, similar in style and created by the same artist, and also allowing us to enter the world of enveloping fragrances from the house of Gucci, lead us to explore the nuances of the image of the singer, who in recent seasons has been the protagonist of one personal revenge and truly incredible professional success.
Gucci Gorgeous Magnolia represents an inner strength, a powerful feeling that Cyrus embodies perfectly, especially during this period of his life when he learned to deal with the adversities of his personal life, turning them into art, and therefore into music.
A favorite of her generation and an iconic pop culture figure of her time, Miley Cyrus is one of them. vital and energetic feedback, for free to be what he wants, characteristics that those who have always appreciated Gucci cannot ignore.


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Magnificent magnolia, the third Gucci Flora campaign

Gucci Flora’s latest campaign for the atmosphere, setting and look of Cyrus takes us back to Gorgeous Gardenia (2021) and Gorgeous Jasmine (2022), which were artistically directed by Alessandro Michele, who was at the helm of Gucci until November 2022.
This new chapter is also rich in imagination and is characterized by the fact thatvintage atmosphere which makes all Gucci campaigns recognizable, even if bright colors are present.
Cyrus wears the mullet hair she’s worn for a long time in past seasons, and her purple outfit matches the color of the Eau de Parfum bottle, which is purple this time around.
Gucci describes this fragrance as glad, bright and powerful, all adjectives that refer to the characterization of a fragrance. Floral notes dominate this luxurious perfume that is highly valued in the market and evokes deep sensations. About the magnificent gardenia, the singer said that she reminded her her grandmother’s perfume always smelled of freshly picked flowers. The feeling of being able to go back in time was what she liked most about this perfume.

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